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Tipsy - 2593

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Too wide at cuticle

These are too square and not natural at the cuticle. Very difficult to shape due to gummy texture

Karen G
Favorite shade of nails

I've tried many different nails from ohora, color street, and others, but these ones are the best overall because of the design and also they seem to last longer. The color is a really unique fade that combines pink, orange, and nude, never saw one quite the same before


these are gorgeous gel strips, love the color so much! although on my second set i decided to use a gel topcoat for even more durability. tip: make sure that the strip is not any longer than your nail BEFORE you cure it! not even the tiniest bit over! if it is, you risk lifting at the tip, and the glue will try to flake off, which will compromise your mani. also found it a bit hard to file the nails before curing, as the glue gummed up the file. BUT! i love that there's scissors, and a file and a wood stick in each pack! D&T take such good care of their products, it shows how much they care for the customer. and the designs are out of this world beautiful.

stylish peachy nail strips

I love everything about peach color, quite Summer vibe, and always brings me positive energy. This Ombre style definitely is my first option to buy. Can't go wrong no matter what season. If you still hesitate about which one to choose, this is it!

How To Use

Step 1

Prep & Choose size & apply

Step 2

Cut & Adjust

Step 3

Cure 60 Seconds & Trim to finish