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Danni & Toni: What is the best way to get your nails done?

What Fancy Nail Style Represnts for?

Whether you’re glammed up with fancy nail colour or stay unadorned, nails can tell a lot about a person. The nail styles you chose decide first impression on you. To give an illustration, orange shows a sense of energy and spring vibe and blue brings summer vibe. Nail trends are constantly changing and women who are at different ages favour different nail styles.  

the Disadvantages of Going to Nail Salon 

People used to go to nail salons to get their nails done. However, there are some drawbacks for going to nail salons.

  • The reservation is required and it’s time-consuming. It usually takes 2-3 hours to get nails done and even longer time for complex nail styles. 
  • Getting nails done at salons is relatively expensive now. As the Smart Mom HQ shows, a standard manicure usually costs up to $100 at high-end salons in big cities. Doing manicure sounds like a luxurious hobby.
  • The chemical materials inside nail polish are harmful for your own nails.   

Benefits of Semi-Gel Nail Stickers 

Apart from going to nail salons to do manicures, there is another option to get your nails done. Getting your nails done at home by using semi-gel nail strips sounds much better due to its time-effective, economic-effective and healthy characteristics. These long-lasting nail stickers will never harm your original nails. Most importantly, Danni & Toni offers stylish and less-toxic stick-on nails with salon beauty. We have various nail styles to meet everyone’s needs with relatively affordable prices, such as Art Design style and French Tip style.

the Semi-Gel Nail Stickers are Highly Recommended

Not everyone knows how semi-gel nail stickers useful are, especially for people who rarely surf the Internet. It's definitely worth recommending Danni & Toni semi-gel nail stickers to your friends and family. 

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