How Much Do Gel Nail Strips Cost, Compared with Manicures?

How Much Do Gel Nail Strips Cost, Compared with Manicures?

When getting your nails done, there are many options to consider. Among the different factors, price is definitely one of the considerations. Especially in today’s world of rising prices and importance of savings, spending on manicures can take a lot from your wallet – and time.

Here we will discuss some of the cost considerations of getting your gel nails done at a salon, or in the comfort of your home.


What is the cost of manicures?

While manicures can be an enjoyable experience, they require scheduling, travel, and the cost of manicures themselves. While the prices of manis and pedis varies based on location and style of salon, a standard salon manicure can easily cost $25-$35 after tipping.

If you would like to have a gel manicure that is comparable to the quality of Danni & Toni nails, you’ll likely need to put down $45-$55 after tip, or even more at fancier salons. And then add-ons like acrylics, nail art, and more will add on a bunch extra.

This also doesn’t take into account the travel to go there and back, including gas costs. Altogether with 2 trips per month to a nail salon for manicures, you could easily end up spending $100 to $200 just for your nails! Not to mention the time cost that takes you to travel, that you could use for other things.


What is the cost of good quality gel nail strips?

As you likely are aware, gel wraps come in many different quality levels. In fact, you can find sets of them very cheap in discount stores, clearance bins, or even online for under $10. However, you will discover that the feel and durability of these nails does not hold up nearly as well as high quality ones.

If you are looking for high quality and reliable gel nail strips, Danni & Toni offers a variety of options at different levels of pricing. A standard price of a new and popular style of gel nail strips at the webshop is $17.99, for a generous set of 28 strips. This means you can actually get two full uses for each set, with still a few to space. Therefore, each use session (which lasts up to 2 weeks) is about $9.00.

If you are looking for some cheaper, high quality nail wraps, check out the Sale & Clearance section of the Danni & Toni Website. There, you can find nails from $11.99 (or even lower at times)! Luckily, there are a bunch of fun and exciting styles on there to try, as well as some go-to classic varieties that work well for any occasion. You can also sign up for Danni & Toni’s newsletter to get a free lamp with your order, or save even more by trying a nail kit or gift set.


What is the total savings comparison?

For one month, here is the comparison from getting two gel nail manicures, compared with similar (or even better) gel nails from Danni & Toni.



*Gel Manicure Average Cost = $110 ($55 each in two sessions)

*Transportation & Gas Cost = $15





*6 Sets of 28pc Gel Nails = ~$100 (can use each set 2 times in a month)

*Accessories & Extra Nail Strips = $100



So even if you wanted to get some extra items with your purchases and splurge on some holiday nail styles, you are still going to end up saving well over $1,000 per year – as well as enjoy the fun and social aspect of doing the nails at home. Even more, you’ll be able to use the time saved on work, family, friends, hobbies, or scrolling social media for more fun nail ideas.


Final Thoughts

This doesn’t mean that you should never go to a nail salon. In certain cases like weddings or special occasions, doing so can make sense or be a special experience. But overall, doing your gel nails at home is fun, easy, and an enjoyable time – especially when you know you are going to have high-quality gel nails like those from Danni & Toni. Try it out yourself and see how much you end up saving!




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