What Does Your Nail Colour Say About Your Personality?

As Karen Grant introduced, a global beauty industry analyst, “nails products tend to offer a relatively guilt free treat to one, even for those with a tighter budget as nail colour is an affordable indulgence.” The nail style not only reflects nail trends macroscopically but also reflects one’s personality macroscopically. 

As the temperature is rising, beach days are here and we bask in the sun. That goes for our nails too: cheery, spirited, warm colours are all we want on our fingertips. Summer is a great time to experiment with vibrant and lively nail colours. Think neon shades like baby pink, electric orange, bright yellow, or bold turquoise. These colours can instantly add a pop of fun to your nails. Believe it or not, our choice of manicure speaks volumes about our personality. Read on to find out what Danni & Toni’s 3 BRAND NEW summer nail collections talk about you. 


Dreamy Moonlight offers semi-cured gel nail stickers with a baby pink base with silver glitters and a textured moon pattern in gold foil . Soft pink shades can be seen as feminine, delicate, and romantic. They often evoke a sense of gentleness and sweetness. Women who pick pink have a bubbly personality and people warm up to you easily because of your graceful and empathetic attitude.


Marble Canyon is mesmerised by a stunning blue marble base, accentuated by a delicate silver lining and a touch of sparkling magic, reminiscent of a tranquil sea ambiance. Blue is often linked to a sense of calmness, serenity, and relaxation. It can evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity. Women who go for blue are described as composed and sincere people. Friends are loyal to you because of your trustworthy personality. 


The terracotta sunset treats with these simple, chill semi cured gel nail stickers. An ombre of warm yellow will give your mani a cosy feel. Bright and energetic colours like orange or yellow can be associated with optimism, enthusiasm, and a lively personality. Wearing this colour shows you are imaginative and youthful. You are falling in love with surrounding yourself with creativity and a carefree atmosphere. Having an independent personality makes you fearless and a highly intelligent communicator.

Remember, these associations can vary from person to person. Ultimately, nail color is a personal choice and should be chosen based on what makes you feel confident, happy, and comfortable.

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