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Magnolia - 2041

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Customer Reviews

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Sylvia S.
Magnolia! Magnifique!

I love this set. The colour is so beautiful. And the design (and the little touches that make it even prettier). I can't stop looking at my nails!

Sophia L.

These gel nail stickers are the most long-lasting ones I've tried. They lasted over three weeks without chipping or peeling.

Riquie P.

Typically I can’t get gel Polish, glue in nails, or this kind of gel sticker to stay in my nails longer than 2 days at most, but these have been on a whole week now! I have replaced 3, but I can still actively wear them. Love the design too!

Jasmine J.

Once again these gel strips have not let me down through frequent hand washing and just being on the go, they look great, are super cute and I will be buying more gel strips.

The search is over

Totally in love with these. I've tried several different brands of regular nail strips, but most of them wear at the tips and/or look kind of dull and thin. I didn't realize "semi cured" strips were a thing, but now I'm hooked. I have a UV lamp from when I tried to do regular gel nails at home, so I gave these a shot.

What I love:
-Good texture/weight. They feel solid, which gives you the look and feel of regular gels
-Easy to work with. Unlike some strips, you can place and replace these a lot without losing any stickiness or compromising the strip
-Good shine for the solid colors (although I do use a clear gel UV top coat, just to get that extra gleam and also more protection for longer wear)
-No wearing at the tips (but again, I wrapped my tips with the gel UV top coat, so that might have helped).

I didn't follow the instructions correctly the first time, but they still lasted an entire week before I wanted to switch them up--they probably would have laster longer. Just put on a new set and followed others' advice of curing the strip before cutting it/filing it. This seemed to work well and also made the cutting/filing process easier because the excess just kind of cracks/flakes off and then you can file.

These absolutely pass for a gel manicure. I'm so glad to be done with press-ons and trying and failing at regular gel manis at home! These will be my go-to from now on!

Easy to apply and remove, no worrying about wet polish

I wasn't sure what to expect with this product, but they are really easy to apply (and remove) with some cute colors/designs, perfect glossy finish with no worries about messing up wet polish, and zero nail damage… this was my second round of buying these gel nail strips. they're pretty easy to apply, small learning curve, but I felt pretty comfortable with the process by the third diy mani (and I have never used any other nail color strip before, honestly haven’t painted my nails in 5 years or more). I’ll reiterate a few tips I came across that were helpful: 1) really pay attention to matching the size of the strip to each nail. My nail widths aren't completely symmetric. 2) Do not skip doing a light filing of your nail surfaces with the fine side of the emery board provided to get good adherence 3) Really press the top edge of the gel strip firmly next to the cuticle with the angled flat stick provided or one of your own, I have a rubber one that I prefer - I had to trim a few of the strips at the top to get a perfect fit. 4) Clip or cut the gel strips a little bit longer than your nail with nail clippers or scissors and then cure them before filing to get a smooth edge. I found they file nicely after 1.5 to 2 cycles of light curing. They hold up pretty well as long as you’re not doing anything crazy (my current set are a bit scratched up, though only a bit, after I spent two hours trimming a new pool cover with my nails frequently scraping against the concrete). I have long hair so usually by day 4-5 I notice my hair is catching on the cuticle edges of the strips when I try to pull my hair up in a ponytail from my nails growing out a little. The gel strips typically are still adhering well and look fine, but I usually remove them around the 1 week mark bc the hair catching thing drives me crazy. Plus I like trying out new designs. They really are easy to remove as shown in the video on the product website and there is no nail damage. Just a bit of gooey adhesive that comes off with acetone or rubbing alcohol.

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