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Belle - 2954

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Customer Reviews

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White French nails

At first I thought all would go well with the nails but not so. I had trouble getting them on and they would not come off when I tried to file them down. I used all that was supplied to me and the lamp. They are mostly gone now off of my nails.

Amy D.
Favorite nail strips

I have tried so many different brands of nail strips and these are by far my favorites. They go on easily, file down clean and smooth, and remove easily, as well. They are thick and the color doesn’t fade at all — they last for 10-14 days depending how fast your nails grow.

Terran S.
So pretty!

I love these nail kits. These were a gift and they’re so beautiful thank you ☺️

Nice and long lasting

Nice nail sticker. Came with everything you'd need (except uv light). I have to wash and sanitize my hand very frequently at work and after a week of working these are still holding on well. Would definitely buy again.


It is my first time buying this type of gel nails stickers.
I really like them. I put them 9 days ago. I did not put them perfectly because It is my first time using them but I really love how the look. For me It! Is hard to keep my nails nice after a manicure when I go to a salon that's why I wanted it to give a try to this type of nails. I really love the results and they last longer.
I will buy more colors soon.

Better than I expected!

If you haven't used nail stickers before, these may frustrate you. Practice makes perfect though!

Going on day 5 and zero chips and no lifting.

Filing the excess BEFORE you harden with the lamp can be tricky because these are gel and they are stickyish when you file them while they are still soft. Better to
1. clip them close to your nail,
2. press well and make sure the sticker is fully covering your nail,
3. then harden with the lamp,
4. then file the extra bits.

I have a glass cuticle file/trimmer thing and I use it to smooth the edges near my cuticles after using the lamp. I will be buying more!!

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