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TikTok Brand Ambassador Contest


Time: March 5th-20th, 2023

Event Format: TikTok video submissions

* Please read Terms & Conditions for this contest, and be noted only videos of those who have filled this form be considered and reviewed for contest purpose.

How to Participate?

Grab a free sample of Danni & Toni nails at IBS NEW YORK EXHIBITION, at booth #1923, or use the one(s) you already have.

Follow Danni & Toni on TikTok (@dannitoninails)

Create one or more product review/DIY/tutorial videos showcasing Danni & Toni nails, and
post onto TikTok, minimum 20 seconds per video, tagging @dannitoninails and must use
hashtag #dannitoninails and #DTnailcontest2023 by March 20, and winners will be announcedon March 31

Once publishing your video(s), ALL PARTICIPANTS must fill out the form below for record purpose.

Have a chance to win


All participants who post a qualifying video will receive a Danni & Toni $15 E-gift card as participating rewards.

To qualify, the entry must be an original video that features Danni & Toni nails, and be posted to TikTok tagging @dannitoninails and using both hashtags #dannitoninails, and #DTnailcontest2023.

*Note: We reserve the right to disqualify any submission that violates the terms and conditions of the contest or contains offensive or inappropriate content.


1. Be creative and try to come up with a unique idea that will help your submission stand out

2. Focus on quality by using good lighting, clear audio and visual, and editing software to make your video look professional.

3. Highlight the product by including a demonstration of how to apply the nails, showing them off in different settings, or comparing them to other nail product.

4. Encourage your followers to engage with your post by asking questions, running poll.

5. Follow the rules of the contest, including using the correct tags and submitting an original video.

6. Have fun and let your enthusiasm for the product and the contest shine through in your video.


1. By participating in the contest, participants agree to allow Danni & Toni to use their images or video for marketing purposes, including but not limited to social media, website, and advertising materials.

2. If participants do not wish to have their image or video used for marketing purposes, they 2must indicate this by emailing the brand within 24 hours of submitting their content, to

3. If participants wish to be attributed for their content, they must include their name and social media handle in the caption of their submission.

4. All submissions must be original work created by the participant, and must not infringe on any copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights.

5. Danni & Toni reserves the right to disqualify any submission that violates the terms and conditions of the contest or contains offensive or inappropriate content.

6. The winner of the contest will be decided based on the highest engagement on their submission, which includes likes, comments, and shares on an overall performance.

7. The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of $1000(for 2 winners), $600 (for 3 winners) and $200(for 5 winners), which will be awarded within 30 days of the contest end date.

8. The winner of the contest will be notified via direct message on TikTok and will be required to sign a release form granting Danni & Toni the right to use their image or video for marketing purposes.

9.The videos of the award-winners will be published and credited on Danni & Toni’s official website and other social media for marketing and transparency purposes.