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Daisy Dance - 1817

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

SO CUTE - great packaging


These were so easy to put on! They cured really well. I really like to keep my nails short and these gel strips are a great way for me to be able to add designs on my nails. Can’t wait to do my nails again!

Dawn L

I've tried a few other brands, but this one is my favorite. It lasts a long time. I even re-leveled the pavers in my backyard and did t lose any. Great quality. Easy to apply. The first application took a few tries, but the second time I applied them, it was perfection.

Really Pleased

These are great quality nail strips. They have a bit of a weird hard top coat but that makes them a bit raised up on the cutical end (which means they can get caught in your hair if you're not careful). I was really excited about the Dairy design because it looked so cute. I really like that you get a lot of the Daisy print stickers, but I wish there was more of the solid color yellow/white ones. The two pink glitter ones were pointless to me so I didnt use them- I dont think they matched the theme of the set and would have preferred one more each of white/yellow and no pink glitter. I was disappointed at first because two nails came off within a few days so I thought maybe these were a bust; but I replaced them and overall nothing else has budged in over a week. No loose edges or peeling around the end. I will definately be getting this product again and recommend it. Definitely worth the price and very easy to use.

Great Product

This is the second type of semi cured nails I've tried. This brand is definitely better than the first one.

Pros: It is thin and sturdy. they're not that raised where it looks like the fake nail is coming off of your nails. They also last at least 2 weeks. The photos I posted are 1.5 weeks in. Love them.

Cons: More styles please!! I love all of them!!