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Maple Road - 0764

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Samantha Snow
Love these nails

So cute! And I love how easy it is to apply and they last for so long. In the type of work I'm in getting your nails done and spending alot of money on them is a waste. But this is so affordable! I got my fall and Christmas nails can't wait to order more!


So many good things to say about these!
1. They are cute!
2. Incredibly easy to put on. Just follow the instructions and make sure to press down the sides
3. They last! I took mine off after two weeks. They hadn’t chipped yet. My nails had simply grown out so it was time for a change. This was with me working as a nurse so lots of hand sanitizer and abuse to the nails as well as a mom to a toddler so many wipes and cleaning the house
4. They came off easily. Got them off in a couple minutes
5. They didn’t damage my nails at all

Meredith Mulder
Too thick/stuff, peel up on the outside edges immediately

I've made a point to try ever semi cured gel nail on the market and while these have great colors, they're way too stiff and rigid and peel up off the nail as if they want to straighten out after curing. Do not recommend.

Impressive, pretty, shiny, and durable

I've used a few different brands of nail strips, and that makes me all the more impressed with these.

I'm a sporty lady who does a lot martial arts and weightlifting, and I can't bring myself to be going to the nail salon all the time. Regular nail polish was getting chipped and messed up constantly, and other nail strip brands (that didn't call for a UV lamp) were better, but the tips would wear away and the bases would peel up eventually.

I tried Danni & Toni for the first time last month, and after more than two weeks, my nails still looked so good I felt a little bad about changing them for a new color. (I got a compliment on them from a classmate who's much more fashionable than I am, too.) This time I got creative and cut two different colors of strips into pieces to make a new design, and even with all the extra edges, they're staying in place perfectly after two days in the gym and a day of wrestling. I'm pretty thrilled to have discovered these.


I have tried other brands of nail polish stickers like in cocoa and sally, but by far Danni & Toniare is my hands-down favorite! They are the longest-lasting and easiest to apply of any other brand.

How To Use

Step 1

Prep & Choose size & apply

Step 2

Cut & Adjust

Step 3

Cure 60 Seconds & Trim to finish