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The Artist - 8398

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Customer Reviews

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Emma Britain
Inconsistent between sets

I've had three sets of these this far. One was totally awesome and lasted a super long time. The next was also pretty good but they had some patterns on them that were sort of annoying for shorter nails (the alien/UFO set a lot of the patterns are positioned directly in the middle so if you have short nails it's going to get cut off unless you pre-trim).

The most recent set (the one with the black and white faces) was AWFUL. I didn't realize it was matte when I ordered it so that's on me. They are soooo much thicker than the glossy ones. They also didn't seem to cure correctly even though I normally do to cycles of UV an hour or two apart. They started falling off day two and sticking to my hair. Ugggh.


These are great! I'm very hard on nails, I typically chip a gel manicure from the salon in a few days. These last at least 2 weeks for me and don't totally destroy my nails when I remove them (they do cause a little damage but I just peel them off, I'm sure there's a better way to remove). I'm on my 3rd set of this brand and all have been great. My current set is on the second week and still perfect, even after a 3 day backpacking trip last weekend. Cannot recommend these enough!!

Retail Therapy Patient
Takes practice, tips I found helpful below

I've used nail stickers for a while and like them but they can scuff up and look sloppy so fast. These last a lot longer but you have to be very precise. I had to replace like 6 strips over two or three days before I got the hang of it. I cured them for the full 2 minutes.

I didn't take the alcohol and nail scuffing very seriously at first but now I know it's imperitive. It's also important to chose the exact right size or cut them. You have to really press on them with your whole finger tip to ensure they stick as well as sealing the edges with the orange stick before you cure them.

There is no drying time but I found it helpful not to use my hands too much directly after application which doesn't make a ton of sense bc it's cured but it seems to help. I avoid washing dishes, heavy cleaning and stuff like that, not normal stuff.

Now that I figured it out they are still perfect a week later and don't show any signs of chipping or lifting. I would say these are better than a salon gel manicure but not quite as good as a dip manicure. Given how quick and inexpensive it is compared to a salon dip the minor difference in quality isn't significant. It's really convenient, even if one lifts you can replace it at home in about 4 minutes no waiting til the next salon appt. They come with lots of extra strips and the ones I ordered are all different designs (that match in color and style) so I could swap them out for new ones easily while I was learning. I highly recommend these to anyone. Just takes a little patience.

S. Sanford
Tons of compliments

Very cute design. Gel turned very hard and lasted longer than gel from a salon. It took some work to get them off but I was also making sure not to damage my nails. Worth the effort given the longevity and the fair price. Highly recommend.


Love how long these gel strips have lasted after gardening and cleaning.