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Toasted Ombre - 3470

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Customer Reviews

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Love the nails they are so beautiful and they last so long they look awesome

Pui C.
Looks like I went to a salon

Love these nail strips! It looks like I went to a salon and it costs less than half the price. It's gel so it lasts a long time and the best part is that it's easy to remove without any damage to your nails. Highly recommend.

smooth and rich

I really like this set. It is smooth and rich like café latte and especially like the glitter and the little studs.

Martha O.
Protects my natural nail

My nails are brittle and is super thin. I keep them short because they chip off with any length. I'm not one to polish my nails because I am a Artist and use my nails as a tool. I bought some stick on nail polish to cover my ugly toenails. I notice how the polish stickers protected my toenails & wondered if they had clear nail polish stickers to protect my nails. I found these Gel clear nail polish stickers. They are perfect. They stretched to fit my nail bed then the UV light harden them. I like them so much I ordered another set for a backup. I'd recommend to family & friends

Pretty much fit every nail! Fun & easy! 🌈

These are pretty cool! I finally got some length on my nails (they're still short, but pretty uniform in length) but haven't had time to paint them. I honestly can't tell what the UV lamp did…. Apparently it hardened them, but they look and feel the same. I think I was expecting them to look shinier and feel harder like a gel nail, but they still feel like a rubbery nail sticker (and have a semi-glossy finish). Let's see if they last longer than say, Sally nail stickers or Jamberry.Easy to apply. It took me about 20 minutes to do everything from prep-to-finish. Not bad! Also- don't expect the nail prep pad to be alcohol-based! It felt more oily, but not oily… 🤷🏻‍♀️UPDATE: I've had these on for an entire week… 7 days, zero lifting! I've worn them in the hot tub a bunch of times, swimming in a lake, in the bath tube, and I've washed my hands a zillion times. I even had to scrub something off and used my nails to get some residue off. Nothing has made these fall off. 😳 it's crazy! Definitely getting these again. I also have enough to do these at least one more time, if not two. If you do it right (and have short nails) you can use each decal twice. I figured that out halfway through, and started using one end for my left hand, and the other side for my right hand. The other strip is completely unused still!Hope this helps 😄

Better than expected

I've been trying to grow my nails out naturally for years, but they are too brittle. No matter how much clear coat I apply, it either peels off or my nails snag on things and tear. I want them to look natural, but don't want to have to spend tons of money getting them done professionally. I bought these, not actually having much faith in them. I was so pleasantly surprised! They were really easy to apply and actually hardened up after a few minutes under a cheap LED light. I look forward to continuing to use these and hopefully grow them out.

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