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How Long Do Gel Nail Strips Last, and How Can You Make Them Stay Longer?

How Long Do Gel Nail Strips Last, and How Can You Make Them Stay Longer?

One question we frequently get is about how long nail strips last, and how to maximize the time that stay can stay applied.

How Long can Gel Nail Strips Last For?

The true answer is that this depends on the type and quality of the nail wrap that you get – as well as how you apply and take care of them.

For many nail stickers, they may only last a few days. This is especially the case with nails that are applied without a curing lamp.

However, salon-quality nails like those from Danni & Toni can last a lot longer than those – up to 2 weeks (or in some cases even longer) if applied properly.

This is an estimate, and in some cases can vary depending on conditions and how much wear is put on them.

How to Make Nail Wraps Last Longer

Now that you have an idea about how long gel nail strips last, we will try to help you get the maximum life out of them. Here are a few key tips to get them to last as long as possible:

  1. Purchase Reputable Salon-Quality Nail – like everything, there are many different levels of quality for gel polish nail strips. Usually you will get what you pay for. Premium brands like Danni & Toni will have prices that are sometimes a bit more than lower quality brands, but the care and quality that is put into them makes up for it. Click here to see more about the difference in Danni & Toni nails. And if you are on more of a budget, you can find the same quality of nails at a lower price in the Sale Collection.
  1. Use the Correct Application Process - You can follow our guide to help stretch, apply, and remove your nail strips while looking amazing. The process is quick and relatively easy, but if you do not follow each step, you may face challenges.
  1. Make Sure to Use a UV Nail Lamp – this is one of the most vital steps to maximizing the length of your semi-cured gel nails. Some people underestimate the importance of this and try to apply them without using the UV lamp, but in doing so the nail stickers will often fall off quickly. In some cases (for example if you want to just try them on for a little to see how they look, or if a child is trying them out), you could want to apply them without the lamp, but usually you will want it. Danni & Toni has 2 levels of nail lamps to select from to apply the nails – a standard and premium version.
  1. Clean your Nails Before Applying - Make sure your nails are clean and free of any oils or debris before applying your wrap. This will help the wrap adhere better and last longer. You can use an alcohol prep pad to help with this if desired.
  1. Use Enough Pressure When Applying – After applying the wrap, use a nail file or your finger to apply pressure along the entire length of the wrap. This will help seal it onto your nail and prevent it from peeling up at the edges.
  1. Consider Using a Top Coat – A top coat is not necessary if using premium semi-cured nail strips, but it can help with protecting it, and adds an extra shine to your nails. You could add a top coat to your order to get everything shipped together.
  1. Take Care of Your Nails - Even though salon quality gel nails are made to be durable and waterproof, it is still important to show a bit of care with how you use them. Some tips are to be careful when putting too much pressure on the when going through purses, grabbing things, etc.

If you follow the directions when applying and take care of your gel nail strips, they will be sure to last a while. But don’t worry if you aren’t perfect at first and a couple fall off before the longest time that you had hoped. Since you get 28 strips with each set, you have a bunch of extras you can use – and with practice you will be sure to get better and better!


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