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What is Danni & Toni?

Danni & Toni is a premium nail art strips brand, delivering the concept of "Quick Manicures of Nail Salon Quality". We not only update the formula and construction to make our nail stickers as vivid and strong as salon-fabricated ones, but also create an expansive range of styles that meets everyone’s needs. Our innovative nail stickers are great for people of all ages and DO NOT harm your original nails! 


What are the nail strips made of?

Gel Nail Polish


What's the difference between gel nail strips and other regular nail wraps?

Our gel nail wraps are upgraded with 3rd generation technology and made of real gel nail polish. This includes a base adhesive, gel nail polish layer with art design, and glossy glaze as a top layer. Danni & Toni nails are trusted to be of salon quality, toxin-free, adhesive, and long-lasting.


What should I do before I apply this nail strips to my nails?

Before your application, you should wash your hands with soap and water, shape the nails, and push back cuticles. Use the Prep Pad to remove any remaining residue. It is best if your nails are completely dry before application.


Do I need a base or topcoat?

No, our glaze gel nail stickers are best to use for bare nails! As for topcoats, the finish is so shiny that you won’t need one!


How should I apply them?

It just takes 6 easy steps to apply your Nail Stirps within a few minutes.

Simply shape, clean, stick, press, trim and cured with LED Lamp for 60 seconds. You can learn more (including a video tutorial) by visiting: How to Apply Nail Gel Strips.


How to remove them?

Step 1: The wood stick can easily help to remove gel nail strips from your nails.

Step 2: Clean your nails with cotton pads. Use nail polish remover if there is any leftover on the nails.


How long do Danni & Toni nail strips last?

They should last for up to 10-14 days! To get these results, please be sure have your nails properly cleaned and cured for at least 60 seconds with the LED UV lamp. 


What if I don’t have a UV light? Will they still work without it?

While you will be able to put the nail sticker on, it will not cure properly to keep a hardened fingernail, and will more easily get chipped. It is best to user our affordable 6W UV lamp to achieve the best results.


Will they damage my natural nails if I apply them?

No, the safety of you and your nails is our top priority, and they will not receive damage from our nails.


Can the nail strips safely be used on children's nails?

Yes, Danni & Toni products are non-toxic and safe for use for all ages. However, you should always be sure to supervise your children during the nail application process and take responsibility of them. 

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