The origin of Danni & Toni

Danni & Toni is a love story, 10 years ago, a man wants to make his pregnant wife happy with daily dress and make up in a healthier way, he established a nail factory dedicated himself to it.  10 years later, the man established a gel nail stickers brand, offering convenient, stylish and less-toxic stick-on nails with salon quality, and named it after his two beloved kids- Danni & Toni.

We dress up and down in different occasions, put on light or heavy makeup depending on our mood. So, why can’t we change our nail whenever, and wherever we want to? That’s the big question mark within us. Finger tips should be the place where to represent our attitude as well as style, and creating the mood board on nails shouldn’t be complicated and time-wasting. Therefore, we broke the rules! We not only update the formula and construction to make our nail stickers as vivid and strong as the salon-fabricated, but also create expansive range of styles that meet everyone’s needs. What’s best: these innovative nail stickers DO NOT harm your original nails! From now on, location, money, time and nail condition, all these elements are no longer be the obstacles for you to change nail styles! FUN. MOOD. FASHION + Healthy and ethical approach is our goal for all nail art lovers.

ACompany: Shanghai Lingshang Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd Address: 339 Jiuxin Rd, 1-14th floor, Jiuting Town, Songjiang District Shanghai, China 201615
Tel :+86 18867668741

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