7 Useful Tips for Using Gel Nail Strips While Traveling

7 Useful Tips for Using Gel Nail Strips While Traveling

7 Useful Tips for Using Gel Nail Strips While Traveling

Besides summer, the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is the most busy time for traveling. In particular, it is a chance to meet up with friends and family that you may not have seen a while.

It’s also a perfect time to do up your nails a bit. While you could go to a salon to do this, those nails will wear a bit overtime and it is not always convenient to amongst all of your plans. Not to mention, your budget might be a bit tight from booking transport and buying holiday gifts!

Instead, why not try some fun gel nail strips? Besides the fact that they are affordable and can be applied anywhere in just minutes, you also have the option to bring many fun designs and switch them out during your travel.

If you are thinking to use gel nail wraps for your holiday plans, you can consider some of these suggestions to make your nail travel as hassle-free as possible.


#1: Prepare the Nail Strips in Advance

  • Before you leave on your trip, choose which designs you want, and put them together in a bag. You may even want to pre-cut the gel strips to fit each nail, so it can save you time during your travel.

#2: Pack a Few Different Styles

#3: Bring Along the Tools

  • Make sure you bring along a UV nail lamp, nail file, small scissors, and any other accessories that are important for your nail strip application and nail upkeep. You could also consider to pack a small nail top coat and remover, to make things easier and your nails last longer. Perhaps these could be packed in a clear bag or in a travel kit together, for easy access.

#4: Pack Hand Wipes & Sanitizers

  • Hand wipes, alcohol pads, and sanitizers are good in general to bring along in your travels, especially as the winter is usually the time for flu season. You’ll also be glad to have these handy when getting your nails ready for nail wrap application and removal.

#5: Be Mindful of Airplane Rules

  • When packing the above items, keep in mind the TSA regulations on liquids and sharp objects. For example, you might have issues when bringing the portable scissors in your carry-on bags. In general, if you are checking a bag – its best if you can put all the items in there.

#6: Consider a Gel Nail Kit or Gift Set

  • Getting a nail kit helps you to have all your items in one place, and in the case of Danni & Toni, comes in a convenient box that is perfect for travel. This way you could just bring along one kit for all your traveling, and leave your other gel nails and items at home. We recommend the Essential Starter Kit as an ideal one for your traveling needs.

#7: Bring Backups for Family & Friends

  • You’ll be sure to get a lot of interest in your nails, especially when you explain how easy and beautiful they are to use. And especially during the giving season, it’s a wonderful time to share some of them with those around you! Most Danni & Toni nail strip sets come with 28 gel nails, so you’ll have extras to let people try. You could even consider gifting some sets under the tree this year for some extra fun.

By following these tips, traveling with your gel nails by plane, train, or automobile will be a breeze this holiday season. By keeping things simple and convenient, you’ll have more time (and money) to share with those you love!


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