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How Danni & Toni Gel Nails Bring Truly Family-Friendly Summer Fun

How Danni & Toni Gel Nails Bring Truly Family-Friendly Summer Fun -

While most nail product brands emphasize on individuality and personal appearance, fast growing cosmetics company Danni & Toni has always been built on bringing friends and families together for a fun and memorable nail experience. This is done through its focus on top technology and safety, as well as easy-to-use products with exciting that are perfect to do together. And there is no better time for such activities than during the summer.

Traditionally, getting nails done is a personal experience. Many people go to nail salons for manicures and pedicures, or do alone. While Danni & Toni semi-cured gel nail strips can certainly done by oneself, the brand invites people to make getting nails done into a social experience. Hopefully, the brand will stick with people through their major life events, whether it be birthdays, weddings, important occasions, or even making one’s working day a bit brighter.

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In the summer, gel nails are perfect to use. With families and friends going on holidays and being more casual, exciting colors and patterns are welcome by all. The newly introduced summer vacation nail collection is perfect for this – with styles including pastel, sparkle, ocean, and even watermelon pattern options! Meanwhile, having ditched shoes for flip-flops or bare feet, D&T’s new waterproof pedicure gel nails are perfect for the hot weather. In time for the summer wedding season, a separate line of wedding nail strips was also debuted, with separate collections tailored to brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests.  

This can also bring families together doing nails for each other, or groups of friends getting together to help apply the mani and pedi nails. These activities create a real and memorable bonding experience that is hard to replicate. Even children and teens will enjoy doing their parent’s nails (or vice versa), as well as choosing the types of products. For adults, it can be made into a party, complete with drinks, snacks, and surely some social media photos.

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Such a mission of bringing friends and families and friends together goes deep into the companies DNA. Danni & Toni was started with love is named after the founder’s two children, and has always had the idea of nails as a bonding experience. This mission extends to making people’s daily lives a bit more fun and exciting – regardless of age, gender, demographic, or background.

Whether you are a child or an adult with a young heart, there is surely a color and style that fits you. In addition, Danni & Toni offers fun activities, such as free birthday nails, sale products, holiday-themed styles, as well as renowned customer service to help with any questions or advise that customers have.

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