How to Rock Glitter Nails & Look Great

How to Rock Glitter Nails & Look Great -

When scouring the vast colors of nails, you may think about what types and styles fit you best. Perhaps a simple clear or nude color are good for more refined styles, while brighter colors like red and blue can send a strong and confident message about your look. You may even like some seasonal or holiday art design nails to mix things up. But one type of nail that often catch people's attention are glitter nails. They are so cool and shiny, and you can look like a Katy Pary type celebrity if you are able to pull them off well. But in the end, many people think they are too over the top and may end up missing out on the benefits of them.

So who do glitter nails work best for and in which type of situations are they a go to style?

What Do Glitter Nails Say About You?

Glittery nails are the go-to for the glitzy and glamorous. 

If you choose glitter nails, you are likely a person who thrives in social settings. They often mean that the wearer is friendly and outgoing, and likes nightlife and other activities out. They are also a fun, sparkly way to display your shiny personality and love for all things decadent.

Golden Nails

Who Likes Glitter Nails?

Most people like the look of glitter nails, but not everyone really wants to wear them - at least all of the time. In general, the glitter nail crowd tends to be young - ranging from teenagers to those in their twenties and even a bit beyond. That's not to say that people with more years on them cannot wear them... some people young at heart for sure sure look great in them!

Meanwhile, they are also ideal for performers - like musicians or those who have talent in exciting areas. If you spend some time in Las Vegas or with stage performers, you'll be sure to find at least a few glitter nails catch your eye!


Glitter Nail Occasions

As mentioned above, glitter nails may not be for every occasion. Rocking them at work or a serious event may not be appropriate always, given their playfulness. But they do also have a number of times that work great. Here are some ideal activities that could be a chance to break out the glitter nails, even if you normally wouldn't.

~ A night out at the club with some friends could be a perfect occasion to match your sexy and exciting outfit.

~ A birthday party or bachelorette party are perfect, especially if you are the one in the showcase, but also to celebrate your friend's happy occasion.

~ A kids' activity. Glitter nails are loved by tweens and teens and are a great chance to have some good clean fun together.

~ A "me" night, when nobody else is even around. Why not? Break out a nice drink and listen to your favorite music in a hot bath with them - don't worry, they are waterproof! 

 Purple Glitter Nails

Try What Works for You

As you can see, there are many great occasions to try some sparkling and fun nails. Don't be afraid to give it a try... you have nothing to lose!

Below are a few of our favorite glitter nails at Danni & Toni. But be sure to check out our full collection page and select the ones that fit you best.



English poet Sarah Williams famously wrote “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” This affection for the bright jewels of the dark is portrayed enchantingly in this nail sticker set that offsets the glittering multitudes of stars with a backdrop of lapis blue. Stretch out your arms and spend some time stargazing at the celestial sight above.


Fairy Dust


Like the frothy swirls of champagne pouring into a tall glass, this gel nail sticker set will refresh you and bring a lightness to your spirit. The playful white splashes add a bubbly joy, while shiny gold accents display elegance and charm.


Whisper of the Wind



Be a queen today by embracing the features of this dusty pink and creamy gray nail strip design. This gel nail strip set with gold shimmer will be perfect on those gorgeous fingernails. Its majestic crown-like features, is the right gel nail strip touch that you need to step out confidently to those appointments or casual outings. With its bright colors and golden shimmering display, your hand will have the right gear to execute like a boss.


Queen Style Nails


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