How to Safely Use Gel Pedicure Nails at the Beach & Pool

How to Safely Use Gel Pedicure Nails at the Beach & Pool

Summertime is the best opportunity of the year to doll up your feet. Since your toes will so often be exposed at the pool, beach, and elsewhere outside – why not make them stand out in a good way? While toenails often can be unattractive, with gel pedicure nails you can instantly transform your nails to any color or style that you like.


Are gel pedicure nails able to be used at the beach and pool without coming off?

Yes – generally semi-cured gel nails are the best type for withstanding the wear of water and beach activities. However, it is important to select high quality gel nails, apply them in the correct way, and take care to protect them.

Semi-cured nails from Danni & Toni use 100% real and premium gel for nail strips, so you will be sure to have the most comfortable and durable option available. In some cases, cheaper brands will use thinner stickers which will not always work as well.

Applying the gel nails is important to do correctly. If you do not use a UV nail lamp for enough time, then the nails will have less chance to cure on your toes, and therefore are more likely to come off in the water. Therefore, we suggest you to make sure to keep all of the nails under the UV lamp for 60-90 seconds after application. As feet can be a bit harder to reach than your hands, you could have a partner or friend help with the application process to ensure it is done in the best way.


Are semi-cured gel nails or regular nail polish better for the pool and beach?

A commonly asked question is whether gel nails or nail polish are better suited for the pool or beach. In this case, it is clear that high quality semi-cured gel nails are the better option. Here are a few reasons why this is the case:
  1. More Durability: Semi-cured gel nail strips are far more durable than nail polish. They also will not often chip in the same way that regular nail polish does.
  2. Better Water Resistance: Gel nails like those from Danni & Toni are made to be water-resistant, even in prolonged exposure to water.
  3. Longevity: Good quality semi-cured nails last longer, and even with exposure to harsh conditions like sand and saltwater can stay up to 14 days if applied and cared for correctly.

Regular nail polish is made for shorter term, and not with adverse water and physical conditions in mind. That is why it is much easier to chip and peel, and will lose it’s beautiful look far more quickly than semi-cured gel nails will.


How can I best protect my gel pedicure nails at the pool or beach?

By properly applying your semi-cured gel nails at the pool or beach, they should be well protected from being damaged or knocked off. Many wearers have commented that even with a high level of ocean activities, they still stay on well. However, there are always ways that you can help further increase the confidence and length of wear:

  • Apply a Top Coat During Application: by using an extra top coat layer, your nails will have even more protection against water, sand, and other summer elements.
  • Moisturize Your Toes: When moisturizing your hands and feet (which is already recommended in the summer), put some extra moisturizer on your nails to keep them fresh. You could also use a cuticle oil if you prefer.
  • Rinse and Dry Your Feet: After swimming or relaxing in the ocean, rinse your hands and feet with fresh water to remove the chlorine or saltwater. Then dry them to help prevent weakening of the gel.
  • Be a Bit Gentle: Good gel nails can handle a lot of wear and tear, but there are limits! If you scrape them or lift the gel then it could come off. So taking care of your toes is still important – and anyway you won’t want to scratch your feet!


Which Danni & Toni pedicure nails are the most popular for pool season?

Danni & Toni has more than 35 pedicure nail designs, with a full range of styles and colors. Each pedi design comes in a set of 37 strips in 14 different sizes, so you’ll be able to match your feel no matter the size of them – and have many extra nail wraps to spare!

Here are 3 of our most popular pedicure nail styles. However, we encourage you to try out different ones and see what appeals to you best!


SOFT BLUSH: with a unique pink hue, this classic summer color looks amazing without being too strong.

WHITE TOPAZ: white nails are ideal for summer pedis, and this clean style will fit any occasion or trip.

GLOWING DELIGHT: want to be more daring? Perfect for summer concerts and parties, these glowing neon nails will be the envy of everyone around.


We hope that this guide has been helpful for your summer beach and pool nail needs! Be sure to check out our summer nail collection for more manicure and pedicure nails that you are sure to love.

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