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Top Nails Styles for the 2023 New Year

Top Nails Styles for the 2022 New Year -

When Covid led to the shutting down of nail salons, many couldn’t avoid changing their nail routines, however. Without the opportunity to visit the nail salon, many women turned to new ways of making sure their manicures still looked amazing. Like hair and eyelashes, at-home solutions. Trends and tips that could be used at home popped up so that women could still maintain their beauty routines and confidence. Many women found that the convenience of doing their own manicures was actually a positive side effect of the pandemic.

 danni toni new year nails design with sparkle

Quality brands like Danni & Toni allowed women to get salon-level looks for a fraction of the price and in the convenience of their own home. These semi cured gel nail strips give your manicure a salon-quality shine and durability that truly lasts. They are easy to apply and last as long as a salon manicure without the hassle or health risk of visiting a physical salon. The many options of semi cured non-toxic nail wraps also allows your creativity to shine as you mix colors and patterns to express your personal style. Thus, women were able to maintain professional manicures thanks to these gel nail strips.

                                                                                                                      New Year Celebration Nail strips 

 danni toni kids nail stickers for christmasAs we head into a new year, there are fun, exciting options to express your e xcitement for the new year through your nails. Why not get a new set or two of nails to celebrate the changes and growth we have all been through? Midnight Kiss and Champagne Dreams are two fun, gorgeous options that will be the perfect accessory to your night of celebrating. With their sparkle and whimsical patterns, these fun gel nail designs are the perfect way to say goodbye to a year that changed the industry and hello to what's to come.


The slower pace of life this past year has taught many of us that a clearer schedule can lead to more fulfillment. Thus, even as life opens back up, perhaps some of our routines will stay the same. Instead of spending hours at the nail salon, for example, many of us have found that at-home gel nail kits give you the customizable look you want without sacrificing time. Thus, brands like Danni & Toni will continue to be a huge part of our nail routines because their gel nail stickers give us the freedom to express ourselves and are the perfect accessory to any style and dreams.

As we look forward to the new year, the world is holding its collective breath that the next year will fulfill our wishes and dreams with peace and prosperity. 

Many industries have felt the tumultuous effects of the past year, and the nail industry is no exception. With the social and business changes that the pandemic has incited, many are finding that their routines and ways of thinking have permanently changed. Manicure trends are a reflection and expression of those changes; during the pandemic, new nail trends have arisen that have affected the way the industry operates. Gel nail wraps have entered the scene in a big way, something that will carry the industry into the new year.

danni toni semi cured gel nails for news year sets - midnight kisses danni toni gel nail strips for christmas set 2



We will bring a year of positivity, health, and a newfound appreciation for the world around us. We have all been through hard times and big changes. Our mindsets have shifted inward in many ways, and for many of us, our routines have also been transformed. However, as we look toward the new year and what awaits us, we also realize that some changes are for the better.




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