Nail Styles the Goddesses Can't Afford to Miss in March

Nail Styles the Goddesses Can't Afford to Miss in March

Many people know that March is Women’s History Month, and also when International Women’s Day occurs. In general, the month is dedicated to honoring the achievements of women throughout history and across nations, and also for supporting gender equality and women's rights.

Less known is that March is also known as the “Month of the Goddess”, as is named for the Roman God, Mars and also ushers in the beginning of life and springtime – as well as fertility. This transition from winter to the rebirth of spring lends itself to goddess imagery, so it is the perfect symbolism of meaning.

Of course, you should be considered a goddess anytime of year – as your nails as the perfect opportunity to showcase your goddess style. Here we will highlight some of our favorite nails for this theme, as selected by our team and customers.


Solid Color Nails Fit For a Goddess

When evaluating the gel nail solids that fit most for a goddess, in the end pink and purple win out. But even within pink and purple styles, there are dozens of different shade and style options, making it sometimes overwhelming to choose!

Let’s start with purple. Indeed, at Danni & Toni there are numerous options of this magical color, but our minds keep coming back to a subtle, lavender style that makes everyone look like royalty. Our choice for this is the simple yet spectacular violet, which you can stock up on right away.

Violet Rosy Luster Nails

Moving onto a pink goddess color, you can’t go wrong with Rosy Luster, a bold pink shade that still is versatile to use in all occasions, and are sure to make your nails look and feel amazing.


Cat Eye Styles That Will Make Your Shine

Cat eye nails mimic the appearance of a cat's eye gem. These semi-cured nail wraps are created with a magnetic polish, which forms a pattern resembling the light-reflecting property of a cat's eye gemstone. This creates a striking, multi-dimensional effect that will make you and those around you fall in love with these style of nails.

If you’d like to get on board with this sophisticated and popular style, Dusk Rose (3587) is a terrific place to start. Its elegant pink and glitter appearance seems to dance with the changes of light. You can’t help but feel like a princess when rocking these nails.

For those who prefer more color with their cat eye style, Neverland (2422) just might be the best style for you. With a rainbow of colors and a sunshine cats-eye view, this style is not for the shy. But it will sure make you feel spectacular during the coming warm months!

Dusk Rose Netherland


A Modernized Glaze Chrome Goddess Style

The future is here, with glaze chrome nails that feature a metallic shine look, with the natural gel feel of all Danni & Toni nails.

Among this style, Blushing Reflection is definitely one of the go-to selections for goddesses around the world. That’s because it brings together the popular new glaze chrome styles with a pink ombre fade that makes a perfect match.

Blushing Reflection


Glitter For Glamorous Goddess Gals

Nothing says fun and glamor like GLITTER! Fun children to adults, glitter is always one of the most fun types of styles and designs, and it perfect for when you really want to dress to the nines. Why shouldn’t your fingernails also get in on the fun?

Well now they can, thanks to Danni & Toni’s wide range of glitter styles for all types of personalities. Try Glitter Cascade to start, a light-to-dark ombre fade of pink that is punctuated with purple glitter flakes around the tip area. It’s not too overwhelming, but shows off the fun side of life.

Prefer a golden glitter design that stands out? The simple but sophisticated Shine Bright style will indeed make you shine bright like a diamond, with its lux white base, gold flakes, and some blue sparkles thrown in for good measure.

Glitter Cascade Shine Bright


Styles for All Goddesses

These are just a few ideas of popular nail styles for goddesses during March, and the rest of the year. At Danni & Toni, you can find hundreds of unique and special semi-cured nail options that range through all the colors of the rainbow to glitter, ombre, French tips, and so much more. Why not try a few and see what works best for you? After all, you deserve it!

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