Why are French Tip Nails So Popular?

Why are French Tip Nails So Popular? -

French Tip nails are undoubtably one of the most popular styles of manicure looks. They bring a subtle and classic feel, while also being extremely elegant – allowing for proper use on any formal or casual occasion. Let’s talk about how French Tip nail strips started, and how they became oner of our most popular lines at Danni & Toni.


What Are French Tip Nails?

What are French tips, and how do you achieve this amazing look?

French tips refer to the white polish on the tips of the nails, above the base of the nail which is traditionally painted in a pinkish nude tone. Traditionally, a classy white is used on the tips with a pale shade on the base, followed by a top coat. But over time, French manicures have expanded to a wide range of shades.  The mix of the clear nail appearance combined with some white or other color design elements makes these nails distinctive from other solid color or design nails.


Are These Nails Actually French?

You may be surprised to learn that French tip style did not originate in France itself. Instead, the trend actually has its roots in 1970s Hollywood. Jeff Pink, the founder of a nail polish company first came up with the term, although the look was seen in California going back to the 1930s.

 So why are they called French? Well the name sounded more exotic and appealing to customers, and also the style has some European characteristics in appearance.

It wasn’t long before the French manicure took over in the US and also around the world. Now in France, they also use the term distinguishing it as French style.


How About Clear Nail Strips?

While clear nail strips are not technically French Tip, they use the element of the base coat, which a design can then be placed on top of. Clear gel nail wraps are a simple and fun way to make your natural nails stand out, while also giving them a special shine that looks great. Meanwhile, you could also put custom designs on top of the clear nails without affecting your natural fingers. In the end, every woman should have at least one set of clear semi-cured nail stickers set aside to use when the occasion arises.

Clear Nail Strips 

What are Some Popular French Nail Tip Styles?

We are glad you asked! At Danni & Toni, we have a variety of French Nail tips that are great for all occasions – especially for summer weddings.

Here are a few of our most popular styles that we suggest you could try:


White Chevron French Tip

Take your nails to new heights with Danni & Toni's minimalist - yet beautiful - White Chevron French Tip. Inspired by the romance and excitement of Paris, this always on-trend style will provide fun flair to your nails, while showcasing the natural beauty of your fingers. This selection brings a clear-cut triangle design together with a subtle and popular white color that goes great with any mood.

Check out White Chevron French Tip Nails.

Chevron White Nails



In ancient times the white rose was a symbol for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and feminine beauty. Let those gel nail strips with silken perfumed petals cover your nails and may you fall into the arms of love that will never let you go...

Shop for Lovely Belle Nail Strips

Belle Nails

Take Me To Church

We might think of Paris as a city burgeoning with opulence and extravagant grandeur, but there’s something to be said for the French minimalist style that emphasizes classic white colors to present a chic and effortless look. This gel nail wrap set is for any event where you want to look fashionable and feel empowered - while also maintaining a classy and subtle appearance.

Take yourself away with these spectacular nails

Take Me To Church Nails


The Louvre

You don’t need a plane ticket to see the famous museum with this set of nail stickers! The triangular dips evoke the glass pyramid of the Louvre, an iconic entrance that was designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei, completed in 1989. Walk through the sparkling slopes to witness spectacular sights and wonders!

Feel the shine and splendar of Paris

Louvre Nails

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