Our Guide to the Best Summer Nail Stickers 2023

Summer nail trends change from year to year as new styles and designs emerge. Fashion and beauty trends are often influenced by runway shows, celebrity choices, social media, and seasonal colors. Here are a few popular summer nail styles that you might consider: Bright and Vibrant Colors (these colors instantly add a pop of energy to your nails and complement the vibrant atmosphere of summer), Ombré Nails (Ombré nails are a versatile and trendy choice for any season, including summer) and so on. Danni & Toni creates the best unique 5 Summer Nail Collection Styles. You definitely won't miss it.


Lavender nails are always a bit unexpected, but our Love of Lavender set offers a very wearable option for work weeks and weekends, elegant but also fun. These soft purple shades alternate with a fun sparkly pattern to give you a whimsical look that is still wearable.


A Pink Sands nail look is inspired by the soft and delicate hues of pink sandy beaches. Pink Sands nail wraps are the perfect vacation look that can transition to everyday life. These semi cured gel nails feature an array of looks that capture the feel of the beach. Mix and match the different strips for a graceful yet unique nail look. If you love nails that say femininity with a touch of summer fun, Pink Sands is the perfect choice for you. The Pink Sands nail look captures the gentle and serene atmosphere of a pink sandy beach, creating a soft and elegant manicure.



A Sweet Pink Tea nail look is inspired by the delicate and charming nature of pink tea, creating a soft and feminine manicure. The Sweet Pink Tea nail look creates a lovely and delicate manicure, reminiscent of sipping a cup of sweet pink tea. These nail strips feature soft nudes, creams, and browns blended in an ombre effect. These have a soft, subtle look to them that can be mixed and matched for a look perfect for your afternoon summer tea. 


Our Iced Latte semi cured gel nails are a soft, gorgeous manicure look that transitions from everyday wear to the office. These nails are perfect for work because they are subtle and classy. The ombre pattern offers a touch of fun to these coffee and cream inspired nails. Your manicure will look gorgeous in all of those coffee photographs you’ll take this summer. 


 These blue and white patterned nails have a cloudlike feel to them. The soft, watercolor like wash to the manicure helps them look subtle and not overdone. These cloudy sky nails will make you want to run to the park after work and take in the summer breeze. Wear these to work or for everyday wear. 


Danni & Toni Glittering Tropics gel nail wraps are the perfect pop of fun for your summer looks. These glittery nails feature a black tropical tree pattern on some of the nails so you can add a fun accent nail to your looks or alternate them. These beach-inspired nails are the essential addition to your vacation look. They say beach and summer in an elegant way. 

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