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how to apply

1. Buff nails with smooth side of a nail file 

One of the most basic and important techniques to start making up your nails

✔ Do: Make sure your nails are dry and clean – wet nails can break or chip easily. Buff your nails gently, moving the nail file/buffer from side-to-side Take a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the extra areas

× Don’t: Avoid if nails are brittle

2. Clean nails with cotton pads

Start makeing-up with clean and dry nails.

✔ Do: Mini cotton pads are easy to use in this case. Apply some water or remover if you need Any hand cream, oil, or dirty spot would reduce the adhesive effect of the product Let it dry

× Don’t: Avoid leaving scraps of cotton if you use cotton balls

3. Choose the right size and stick on nails

You may take more practice on this important step!

✔ Do D&T semi-cured Glaze Nail offers many sizes to fit every nail. They may leave a very tiny gap from cuticle where you stick on the gel. Press gently and firmly to make sure there are no wrinkles

× Don’t: Avoid covering nail grooves

4. Press firmly on the edges with wood stick or finger

Make the gel perfectly stick on the nails

✔ Do: The diagonal plane of a wood stick will help to have the gel very close to groove if you feel the edge of nails is too narrow to press by finger.

× Don’t: Avoid pushing so hard to leave a dent on the gel Avoid overstretching the gel.

5. Trim excess with the rougher side of nail file, or use a scissor.

Almost done!

✔ Do: Cut excess part of the gel along the tip of nail Trim a perfect clean edge by using a nail file Trim the edges in one direction Transversely trim the edge if you have very short nails. Fix the gel size to fit your nails if needed Fold down the excess part then trim if you have long nails.

× Don’t: Avoid breaking the gel on the tip of your nails. Don’t stretch too hard

6. Cure gel nails for 60 seconds under LED lamp.

The gel will get reactive under the light!

✔ Do: Cure the nail for 60 seconds Make sure you have trimmed excess the gel before curing. Cure 2 rounds if needed Sunscreen is optional if you are concerned about the UV light

× Don’t: Don’t skip this step since it helps to make your gel nails glossy and long lasting.

7. How To Remove 

1. The wood stick can easily help to remove gel nail wraps from your nails.

2. Clean your nails with cotton pads. Use nail polish remover if there is any leftover on the nail.