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Nice fit

I really love the Danni and Toni nail strips. The fit is so much better for my big hands than other strips I’ve tried. They are easy to apply and the accessory kit that comes with each set of strips is everything you need to put them on. Highly recommend these!

Glamour - 3644
Debra B.S.

Glamour - 3644

The Blushing nail set

These are really pretty. The set I got did not have much of the purple though. Easy to apply. I have to say, I was surprised by that. Even someone who is not real skilled at doing this like myself, shouldn’t have a problem.
However, mine have only stayed on for about a week. It seems I wouldn’t have needed to buy the remover.


I added the jewels and a gel top coat. These are more expensive than our gel brands but very much worth it. You can easily get 2 manicured per pack with a little trimming for size. On average these last 17 days for me before swapping out - usually because I want a change. Be sure to press down the edges to prevent lifting.

Flying clouds

Fun festive with out being to blingy

Ursula - 3839
Doris M.
The Best Gel Nails Ever!

I Am Really Happy So Far With All Of The Nails I Have Ordered. I Just LOVE Them And They Last for 3 Weeks To A Month. I Am Really Happy That I Can Always Have The Best Looking Nails For That Long. They Keep My Nails From Cracking, Splitting And Breaking And They Keep My Nails Growing. I Will Be Using These For A Long Time And I Have Mastered Putting Them On. Thank You To Who Ever Came Up With This Idea!! I Will Always Be Ordering From You!!

White Lie - 1669
Stormy S.

I've been using these for the last couple of months, and I'm so glad I discovered them! There is a little bit of a learning curve the first couple of times you start doing them, but after that, it's super easy. I prep my nails with a buffing block, so the gel lasts as long as normal gel (basically stays on until you decide to take it off). Occasionally a nail or two will lift at the corner after two weeks of wear, but by that time, I usually like to redo them anyway, or you can just put a new strip on that individual nail. I also cut some of the strips in half while applying, which allows me to get at least two applications out of a pack. Also, if you're on the fence when choosing a size for a particular nail, go with a smaller size rather than a larger one because you can stretch the strip a little to make it fit perfectly. I actually prefer these to salon gel because the application looks more even, and I am able to get closer to the cuticle than they typically do. I'll be using these forever! 10/10

MN Nude Romance

This is my first time using this product. Application is a bit tricky at first, but it is now easy. I like how strong yet flexible because it can be stretch without breaking it. You can stretch it horizontally, so it will cover the width of the nails. Fast cure and stay really well.


It only states on for 3 days and started falling off. I did follow the directions. I was wanting to reach out to the company and see if they would send me a different kind of french manicure set. I would love to change the rating hoping to hear from them

Gorgeous color!

Fun and Whimsical!

My daughter loves this set and is already asking me to order again!

Perfect In Every Way!

I love this nail set! Fits my nail beds perfectly and classic black can’t be beat!

Perfect Pedi At Home!

Black Panther is one of my go-to sets for toes!

Perfect Set For Nurse’s Week!!!

Great design and can’t wait to wear to the office this coming week!

Makes Removal A Breeze!!!

Love this stuff! I actually pour a small amount in glass manicure bowl and soak my fingertips for a few minutes, and gel strips slide right off. Zero nail damage and doesn’t dry my skin out like Actetone.

I love this set🥰

I’m in love with this set

Loom - 3535
Colleen D.
So pretty

Super easy and so prett

Classic French

I’m very impressed with all of their nails but I really like these because they can last longer. They stay on on good and when you’re original nails are growing out it does not show or look bad.
Takes a little bit longer to put on but worth it!!!

Nail removal

This works really good. Helps my nails stay stronger by not peeling the first layer off when taking off my gel nails.

Belle - 2954
White French nails

At first I thought all would go well with the nails but not so. I had trouble getting them on and they would not come off when I tried to file them down. I used all that was supplied to me and the lamp. They are mostly gone now off of my nails.

Love them!

So easy and so pretty! Last awhile too

Pink Perfection

A lovely pink set with just the right amount of glam.


They last 2 weeks with no problems. i am very satisfied

Wine O’Clock - 3458
Janice S.

Color is true to color. Easy to put on. Will be ordering again.

Orange sunset!

The color is so special, the emotions are spread on each finger of the nails covered by the sunset orange,lovely fingers 🙌🏼