5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for the Nurse in Your Life

5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for the Nurse in Your Life -


This week is National Nurse Week, a time to show appreciation for nurses who spend their time to take care of us. In the US alone, there are more than 3 million nurses, meaning that you likely are friends or family members with at least a few.

Nursing is known to be a very stressful job, with long hours and intense situations. During the past couple years in particular with the spread of Covid-19, nurses have been in particularly busy and intense medical situations.

How can you show support and love for the nurses you know? Sometimes the simplest things that show you care are the best.


1)  Show Your Support with Heart Nail Strips

One way to show your support for nurses is through your fingers! Danni & Toni has some subtle and lovely heart nail strips that are free with the purchase of any items in the sales collection. One idea is to give your nurse the manicure nails to wear themselves as a small sign of appreciation for their service, while another option is to wear them yourself, and when asked about them to tell people the reason. Note that some nurses dealing with intensive medical procedures may not be allowed to wear nails like this, but many of them can – and it can give the other nurses and patients a smile for their day with fun and colorful nails!

2)  Give Them a Handwritten Thank You Note

One way to show appreciation for no cost is a simple hand-written letter. Nowadays, most people don’t write notes anymore, which means that people who do can really stand out, especially when the nurses are on a travel assignment away from home. Let them know you’re thinking about them and appreciate their work, and sacrifices. You could even put a gift card (perhaps to a local coffee shop to keep them caffeinated) but this is not necessary.


3)  Order Flowers for Delivery to Them

A great thing about the internet is the ability to order things for people wherever you are in the world, and many can arrive either the same or next day. One great item for this is sending flowers, which can be ordered on a number of websites, such as This way you can choose the type of plants that you know they will love and even deliver them to their workplace for an extra surprise.


4)  Give a Donation to Their Hospital or Cause

Most nurses have some sort of specialty or cause that they especially focus on. So giving a donation on their behalf is a good way to show you care about something dear to them, as well as contributing to a potential cure. If they don’t have such a cause (or you don’t know what it is), you can always contribute directly to the hospital or facility that they work at.


5)  Give Some Social Recognition

Online connections have become more important as we keep our physical distance. Thanking frontline workers and nurses through social media post is a great way to publicly give recognition. For example, you could show pictures of your new heart Danni & Toni nails with a tag about #NurseWeekAppreciation or something similar like that. Feel free to tag us at if you do!



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