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It all began a decade ago when a man's deep love for his pregnant wife inspired him to search for a healthier and more beautiful way to express her daily life and makeup. Motivated by their two adorable children, Danni & Toni, the founded established a nail factory dedicated to creating nail solutions that are both convenient and stylish, without compromising on safety.

Fast forward ten years, and Danni & Toni has risen to global prominence as a renowned brand for gel nail stickers, celebrated for our instant salon-quality results.  We take immense pride in breaking the rules and valuing individuality, constantly innovating our styles, techniques, and formulas to ensure our nail stickers are premium quality, long-lasting and also trendy. Our extensive range of styles caters to diverse tastes and occasions, offering an array of options for everyone.

About Our Semi Cured Gel Nail Sticker/Wraps

0% Cured

Using 100% real liquid gel


Pre-cured when out of the box, soft & stretchy

100% CURED

Fully cured and hardened after curing with UV LED gel nail lamp (required)