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7 Fun & Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

7 Fun & Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day was started in 1970 as a way to appreciate and give back to the environment and world around. Now after 52 years of going strong, it is more relevant than ever – becoming a global activity in schools, workplaces, and families around the world.

On April 22, this year’s theme of Earth Day is ‘Invest in Our Planet’, encouraging businesses, governments, and civilians to utilize more sustainable methods that can help make a difference for one day – but as a lifestyle change. Danni & Toni is also happy to take part in this initiative, as we work on ways to be more environmentally conscious, and launching our Global Village earth-themed nails. Better yet, by sharing how you give back – you’ll be eligible to get a set of these fun nails for free!

But everyone is busy, and not able to necessarily put a large amount of time into Earth Day activities. That’s no problem – as even small actions make a big difference when put all together! Here, we have put together a list of seven fun and simple ways that you can make a difference and have some fun while doing it…


1) Plant Something

Planting trees, flowers, or other plants is an ideal to way to help the environment, while also making your yard or school area more beautiful. Trees and plants also help provide food and habitats for wildlife, and improve the quality of the air we breathe. In addition, growing your own fruits and vegetables ensures you are consuming less chemicals and more nutrients, and saves money on top of it – especially in these times where food prices are high. If you plant a tree, it will take longer to see results, but will be very memorable for you and your family in the years to come when you see it grow.


2) Ditch the Car for a Day (or a Week)

We become dependent on cars in our daily lives, but actually there are many times when we don’t need to drive. Depending on your area, you may be able to easily walk or bike to get what you need. Reducing driving helps remove pollutants and cuts down on fuel use (and again – expenses), while also making a quieter and more peaceful environment for those around. In addition, walking and biking will give you great exercise while enjoying the natural world (instead of on a boring treadmill).


3) Donate Things You Don’t Need

Earth Day is the perfect time to get rid of clothes and other items that you no longer use. In addition to it working with the theme of the day, it is also just as spring is coming on and the weather is heating up. Take this chance to change out your clothes to summer ones (if you haven’t already) and give away what you have to those in need. If you haven’t worn something in over one year, you probably don’t need it still! There are likely many charities around that will be happy to put your items to good recycled use with new owners. If you don’t have a local charity in mind, Goodwill and Salvation Army are good ones to start with.


4) Take Care of Some Animals

Animals are vital to the earth and to the general community, and now is a perfect chance to show you care. Some ways to do this include volunteering at an animal shelter, or even adopting a furry friend yourself. If these are a bit large of commitments, even feeding or setting up some small birdfeeders outside for wildlife is a great way to contribute. You’ll feel great helping out and may experience some cute and memorable moments in the process.


5) Do a Park or Beach Clean-Up

Cleaning a local park of waste and trash is an easy way to help out, get some exercise, and explore a new area of town you may not have seen before. You can see if there are any volunteer clean-up groups in your community, or plan one yourself and spread the word around. Get off the digital grid for a few days and into nature for some good. You could even do one just by yourself or with your family or small group of friends. This is a fantastic way to promote community engagement and truly feel the importance of taking responsibility to keep our surroundings safe.


6) Get the Family Involved

All of these activities are perfect to do together with kids, even young ones! They will have fun being part of what you are doing, and also will learn to appreciate the world around them more. So bring together the kids, teenagers, and even older members of the family to participate in the best way for them. Younger ones will especially love the activities involving animals and plants.


7) Share Your Earth Day Actions – and Get Free Gel Nails!

Although the feeling of giving back to the earth is already a great reward, Danni & Toni also wants to show our appreciation for your service to the environment and community. As part of this, we are giving a free set of awesome green and blue ‘Global Village’ nails to everyone who shares their picture online and submits it to us. You’ll have a great time wearing these nails any time of the year to show your spirit -  and surely will also get a lot of interested looks and comments about them.

Click here to find out for and get your free nails.



With so many ways to participate in Earth Day and feel great inside and on your nails, what is stopping you? Join us and millions of others around the world to celebrate the day and have a fun and memorable time while doing it.


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