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The History of Nail Art Trends -


For thousands of years, people have turned to nail art as a sign of status, beauty, and expression. Nail art has a long history, with sources tracing back the practice to thousands of years ago. Numerous cultures and time periods have used various nail fashions to symbolize status, power, and artistic expression. It is clear from looking at the history of nail art the designs have morphed from decade to decade and culture to culture, representing everything from status to beauty accessories. Looking at the changes in the manicure, one realizes that nail art has deep-rooted connection to cultural expression and generational changes.

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The past century alone has seen fascinating changes in the way we do our nails and in the styles of nail art. A video by Allure tracks the past 100 years of nail art and shows the intriguing evolution of the industry. The video starts with the year 1920, when the Moon Manicure was all the rage. The video takes the viewer on a journey of manicure transformations. In 1937, Earl Tupper (the founder of Tupperware) invented the first nail applique, transforming the possibilities of the nail art industry. From there, numerous celebrities and inventions in the nail industry influenced the popular styles and trends.  Rita Hayworth influenced the industry in the 1940s with her love of long, bright nails. In 1960, Cher started a square nail trend by asking her manicurist for something different. As celebrities sported new nail trends, the masses followed.

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Social changes also transformed the manicure throughout history. For example, in the 1940s, many women started entering the workforce and preferred shorter nail styles. Various shapes and colors were popularized based on the fashion trends of the generation as well. After watching the video, it is clear that manicure styles aren’t frivolous in their design; they truly signify the changing world and the values, needs, and expressions of the culture and time period they are born in. When the world shifts, the manicure often follows suit.

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In more recent decades, nails have changed with different generations and as new technologies are popularized. Recent years have again transformed the industry as new choices arise such as nail polish, gel nail polish, nail stickers, and even gel nail strips. In modern times, many have come to enjoy the nail salon as part of their weekly routines in order to achieve professional manicure standards. Numerous women have come to rely on nail professionals to give them their preferred nail art designs. However, when the world was forever changed by COVID-19 in the year 2020, many found their nail routines interrupted as salons closed. Again, the manicure industry transformed as women turned to at-home options and styles evolved to meet the changing world.

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While many companies tried to fill the gap between salon-quality nail art that could be completed at home, Danni & Toni Glaze Gel Nails revolutionized the quick, easy, and professional-looking manicure. These gel nail strips are made of an adhesive that is safe for natural nails and won’t damage them. Their Huizi manufacturing products help you build your at-home nail salon easily and affordably so you never have to miss any nail trend no matter where you are. Their designs truly suit any style preference, and because they are affordable, you can try out any new style you are considering. Their fun designs, shiny solid colors, and quality construction make it easy to get envy-worthy nails no matter where you are or what trend you are following. They also offer numerous nail strip options that keep up with modern trends in nail art and can be applied to the trending nail shapes.


Professional level nails are achievable at home thanks to their products. These nail strips are high-quality and long-lasting, allowing you to keep up with your nail routine effortlessly from home. Once you clean your nails and stick the gel nail strips on your nail, you use an LED light to cure them. The shiny topcoat built into the strip gives them a gorgeous look that really allows your nail art look to pop. Because of their quality construction, your nail art design will last and keep up with your busy lifestyle.


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As times change, the nail industry changes, too. From colors to designs to shape, nails will continue to evolve to express the generation they represent. Even though COVID-19 changed our world, you can still get the nails worth of expressing your style thanks to wonderful at-home options.

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