5 Reasons You Need to Try Danni & Toni Gel Nail Strips Now

5 Reasons You Need to Try Danni & Toni Gel Nail Strips Now -


In 2020, many of us practiced a lot of DIY beauty out of necessity. Everything from hair to eyelashes to nails became an at-home project that we tried to master. However, even as things are opening back up, many of us have found that at-home beauty is not only more affordable but more time efficient. Some of our at-home routines, thus, are here to stay.

Nails are definitely a beauty routine that can be done at-home for a fraction of the cost and time. Thanks to new technologies and improvements, at-home nails definitely are as good as salon nails if you know which ones to try. New formulas and techniques allow you to get gorgeous, detailed nail designs for a fraction of the cost and that can last long—if you buy the right brand.

Danni Toni glaze gel nails are a gamechanger in the nail industry thanks to their high-quality design and efforts to make at-home nails safe and affordable. These nails really do outshine their competitors thanks to a dedication to quality, safe formulas and beautiful designs. Check out five reasons why these nail strips outshine their competitors and why they’ll be your new beauty must-have.

  1. They are safe for your nails.

If you’ve ever tried an at-home gel nail kit or nail sticker, you know that sometimes they can leave your nails damaged. I’ve had quite a few mishaps with various at-home kits that left my nails wrecked. Danni & Toni, however, has a unique design to their gel nail strips that does not damage your nails. The adhesive used is safe for your original nails, so there is no longer a need to take a break between applications or to buy expensive treatments to fix your nails after use. You can use these with confidence knowing they are safe to use for your nails.

  1. They are super affordable.

Salon manicures are extremely expensive to keep up with. Danni & Toni nails, however, offer an affordable at-home solution that fits any budget. Each kit comes with enough nail stickers to do several manicures for less than the price of one salon manicure. I love that I can save money and afford to buy a variety of different styles with my savings. They also have amazing sales and deals so you get the most for your money.

  1. They are easy to apply.

I know some are intimidated by the idea of doing their nails at home, but there is no need with this brand. There are detailed how-to instructions available online on Danni & Toni that clearly outline the procedure.

Essentially, after cleaning your nails, you fit each nail with a nail sticker. Once you adhere it to your nail by simply removing the backing and pressing firmly on your nail, you use the scissors and/or nail file to clean up the edge. Pop your nail under the LED lamp for sixty seconds to cure the strip and you are all finished. The nail stickers have a gel topcoat in them so they have a gorgeous shine that looks like a true salon manicure.

I love the high-quality of the nail sticker. Unlike other brands I’ve tried, these do not bubble or wrinkle during application. It is easy to get a smooth look without any ripples, which is crucial to getting a salon-level look. Unlike other brands, you don’t have to fight with this brand to get it smoothed out or placed perfectly. The thicker material to these nail strips allows for an easier application process.

They really are super simple to apply since they are essentially stickers you place on your nail. You can complete a full manicure quickly, allowing these nails to be a part of your beauty routine on a regular basis without absorbing too much of your time.

  1. They really do last.

The gel formula coupled with the LED lamp helps these nails stay in place much longer than other at-home varieties and a great deal longer than traditional polish. I love that I can apply these quickly and get several weeks out of the same manicure. Depending on how carefully you apply them and on your daily routines, these strips can easily last two weeks (I got 13 days out of my first application). Considering how affordable they are, this is a great way to keep up with salon-level nails without breaking the bank.

  1. They come in a wide range of designs.

When you do your nails at home, you want them to look good, too. Danni & Tonni offers a wide variety of designs and colors to fit any style. I love all of the fun prints and designs. Many of the kits come with a variety of nail designs that perfectly coordinate for a fun look. You can match all of your nails or mix and match prints to create a unique nail design. They also have solid colors available if that is more your style. Any personality or style can find a set of nails from Danni & Toni that you will love.

The glossy finish and the easy application process coupled with the intricate designs really does give you a professional look at home.


Danni & Toni nails really do make at-home nails affordable, beautiful, and simple. Definitely add these to your nail routine and get compliment-worthy nails with minimal effort.

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