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What is the Best Way for Moms to do Nail Manicures and Pedis?

What is the Best Way for Moms to do Nail Manicures and Pedis?

Now is the time of the year to celebrate our beloved moms, with Mother’s Day fast approaching. So we thought it would be the ideal chance at Danni & Toni to showcase some of our mom-approved tips in this write-up.

Its also the chance for you to introduce new styles and nail methods to the mama in your life – or if you are already a mom – the opportunity to do a fun family activity with the kids.

And in that spirit, for a limited time you can get a free nail set with each purchase from Danni & Toni's special Mother's Day sale collection. Or grab a Mother's Day Harmony Bundle for all the things you need to celebrate the special occasion together.


What Are Moms Looking For When Doing their Nails?

From our research and discussion among the Danni & Toni team and customers, we discovered that mothers have similar goals when looking for the ideal manicure for them:

  • Convenience and Time-Savings: one thing that mothers do not have very much of is time. This means that long and relaxing trips to the salon may be off the table normally. A perfect alternative is to be able to do their nails in the comfort of their home, when the kids are fast asleep or at their current activity.
  • Durability: for mother’s on the go, quality and durability of nails is important. Between housework, the office, fixing hair or messes, or driving children around, there are going to be bumps – and the last thing needed is damaged nails, or ones falling off. Luckily, Danni & Toni nails strongly last up to 14 days when applied properly with a nail lamp.
  • High Level Appearance: there is no need to compromise on look – and luckily mother’s don’t have to. Just make sure that you are ordering nail strips from a reputable website that uses real gel, their own processes and quality control, strong customer support, and an upmost commitment to safety.
  • Choice of Colors and Styles: a wide range of colors and styles is an important qualification. No two people are alike, and even the same person may be feeling different styles depending on the day and occasion. At Danni & Toni, we have many hundreds of styles ranging every color and type that you could imagine!
  • Strong Value: with the expenses required for raising a family and household, value is frequently sited as an important factor when purchasing nails. For the price, choosing pure gel semi-cured nails can provide a terrific value as compared to other options, such as in-shop manicure, nail polish, or low-end fake nails.



What Nail Styles are Popular for Mothers?

1) Classic Red & Pink Colors: pink and red are nail colors that are popular across generations, and moms are no different. It’s hard to go wrong with these colors when it comes to nail manicure wraps, however there are also so many shades of them to select from.

2) Nude or Clear Nails: sometimes people want the enjoyment and feel of new gel nails, without showing off a strong color or design. In this case, clear or nude style nails give a special upgrade of confidence to your hands, as well as a perfect “sandbox” to test out nail strips on.

3) Flower Design Nails: flowers are perfect for the spring season, so a flower design can match the Mother’s Day season in a perfect way. Danni & Toni has a number of floral designs in different colors that can be selected from/

4) French Tip Nails: this timeliness style features a tip that is a different color than the rest of the nail, and is an amazing solution for formal occasions such as weddings. She’ll love trying on French Nail styles and showing them off to her friends and relatives.



What Nail Gift Should You Get for Your Mom?

Assuming your mom is new to the concept of semi-cured nail strips, a gift set like the Mother's Day Harmony Bundle is the ideal way to start in a fun and easy way. All of the items needed are already included in these sets, including the important UV nail lamp that will keep the nail wraps lasting well for a long period of time.

If your mother already knows what she is doing and has a UV lamp, a good choice would be to select a few styles together with her online in advance and order them to do together. Or if you would like to make it a surprise, you can select some colors and styles that you believe she will like. This will give her the chance to have flexibility with choosing which nails she wants to put on. And with 28 nails in each set, there will be extras for her (or you) to use afterwards.



What is a Mother’s Day Nail Activity I can do?

The bond between a daughter (or son) and their mom is one of the strongest there is. So why not take this chance to help your mother doll up her nails together? Here are some tips for a fun family nail experience:

  • Gather some snacks that you know she likes
  • Put on some of her favorite tunes (bonus if you make a special playlist for her!)
  • Get a few nail sets together and choose the ones you’d like to use – they could be matching or different ones
  • Set asides 30-60 minutes to apply the nails in a fun, relaxed way that isn't rushed
  • Apply your favorite styles and enjoy!


By doing this, you’ll create a memory that she is sure to cherish forever! For more ideas about this, check out our previous mom and daughter nail write-up with pictures.


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