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Convenient Pedi Nails :)

I tried DanniToni finger gel nails before, so wanted to get the pedicure ones also. They are just as good and easy as the mani ones, perfect for the pool and perfect to put on at home. The cyan color is also nice :)

6W UV Nail Lamp Light
Tijana Bunjevacki
Great lamp!

The lamp is very convenient and portable! It was easy to travel with it! Very very convenient!

Sakura Romance - 2855
Megan Bentien
Sakura Romance

Danni & Toni might be my favorite brand!! I fell in love with Sakura Romance!! I will definitely reorder!!

Great Product!

Easy to apply, one application lasted two weeks or more.

Queen Style - 5019
Antoniya B.

Danni & Toni is becoming my favorite brand of semicured gels. I love how easy the application is and the strips are just right, not too thin and not too thick. I don’t have any lifting as they lay flush with the cuticle and adhere so well. This particular set is just beautiful! Subtle and classic, just as I like them. I am ordering a second set and will do two separate manis with each style in the set. In love! D&T never disappoints!

Orange Knit - 6232
LaMeque McAllister

With the orange kit I was unsatisfied due to the color sliding off as I was placing it I had to patch a piece where the color was off.

Gorgeous Copper!

Really shiny copper and a couple of wonderful blues. I have it as a pedicure right now, and plenty left over for a manicure later!

Glamour - 3644

I love these nails. So easy to use. I have been using another brand for over a year. These gel nails have a better fit and stay on my nails longer. Just wish there were more solid colors to choose from.

Didn't arrive

I'm sure they would've been lovely if they'd made it to me 😒

Blushing - 7411
Heather Fitzcharles
Beautiful to look at

I haven't used them yet but they are gorgeous. Unfortunately the review was requested before I could actually use them. Will give them a higher score when I know how they work for me.

A bit expensive but worth it

If you're trying to save time and money on a manicure at a salon, buy these nails.

A delightful surprise!

I wasn't sure about this set at first because I accidently ordered the wrong one. So much more fun and prettier than expected. Love it.

Miss Daisy - 1305
Gailyn Chantasingh

LOVED these!! They are super cute and VERY easy to apply! YouTube video placeholder
Blooming - 6309
Gailyn Chantasingh

Loved how easy they were to apply! Super cute designs and secured.

Evening Glow - 7294
Amanda Boyd
Refined and lovely

Used them on my 10 yo daughter and we were both enamored. Will try them on myself soon.

Very easy to put on nails

I cleaned my nails per the directions. d on easily. I am enjoying them! I am rough on long nails. Not going to lie. I popped one off the first day. I cleaned my nail and reapplied. No problem! Beautiful!


This set looks very pretty and easy to put on. I love it so much.

LOVE them! Definitely worth buying and will recommend to everyone!!

Easy to apply!! Lasted for 2 weeks and still looked amazing, only removed them to try another color!!

So fun!!

Love these so much!! I threw a uv top coat on top of them and I am at almost a week in and no lifting or popping off….I didn’t rate the ease of taking off since I have not done that yet….but these are gonna be what I'm doing now instead of my dip powder I have🙌🏼🙌🏼😍

Sakura Romance - 2855
Juan Carlos Rojas

Me encantaron tengo 12 días con mis uñas y siguen perfectas las ame


The color was great and they lasted almost 2 weeks ! Definitely a great choice !

Glitter in My Eyes - 4399
Anna Gnezdilova
Looks good

I usually do manicure with gel polish myself at home, this was the first time I tried nail strips - and the result is better than I expected.
I have a 120w UV lamp, first I kept them for 60sec as recommended in the instructions, but they seemed a bit soft, so I added 2 more minutes, and they bacame hard and sturdy. The best thing to compare with a liquid / gel polish is that you can stick it very close to the cuticule without those inaccurate marks on the skin. And takes 3 times less time. Hopefully, they will last long) In overall, I would recommend.

Danni & Toni Nail Strips

oh my gosh...i absolutely love this color.. the strips wear very well...i dont have real long nails, so actually i can do 2 nails (that are the same) using 1 strip..i love this brand of nail strips..i was really hard on my hands & nails..& they still looked great after 7 days...

Candy Cane - 7323
Sandra L Troche
Quick. Easy. Cute.

This product was exactly what I expected. No disappointment. I think having a gel cure light would be better to make them last longer. They lasted a couple days with me doing dishes and stuff. Very easy to peel off when needed.

Compared to other “gel stickers” pricey

I did like the variated color. Didn’t like it required a gel machine. Luckily I had one. Quality was good. Price higher than other sets of stickers.