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Gift Packing $5
Audrey Roberts
Great features

I like it. Received order perfect thanks

Perfect Holiday Style!!!!

Love this Christmas set! As always, D&T has the best gel strip nails on the market.

Nail Top Coat
Arianne Fox
Added shine and extended wear.

I thought the nails or shiny. But once I apply topcoat, they were extra shiny! Absolutely beautiful. Totally worth the money and I’m so glad I bought it. I was on vacation when I hit the seven day mark and a couple of my nails and started to lift at the edges, so I put another layer of topcoat on and try to get it all down in the cracks and they lost it for four more days. So this is definitely a great product.

6W UV Nail Lamp
Arianne Fox
works but needs to be cordless!

I'm loving my gel nail kit! But I really wish the light was cordless. The cord is short so I have to sit really close to a plug. I also wish the shape was a little bigger so I could get my thumb in there at the same time.

Rose Gold - 6795
Lucy Martella
Elegant 😊

One of my favorites

Love the design

Love this design. I get lots of compliments on my nails since using Danni & Toni nail gels

Sparkle On - 3412
Reina Santa Cruz
Nice but gives off a bit of yellow hue

I love Danni & Toni semi-cured nails! So easy to apply, they last long and they protect my natural nails from breaking.

This "Sparkle On" design is really pretty, hence why I bought it but I noticed that in certain light, the nails give off a bit of a yellow hue/tint. I'll continue purchasing nails from this company but maybe not their clear nails.

Crystal Clear - 9329
Audrey Roberts
Great features

I like it kind nails

Glass Nail Buffer
Jill Treadway
Glass file

The glass file is nice. It’s just the right size

My New Favorite

This is my favorite nail set that I have ever put on. I was able to get my nails and toes finished with 1 set. The colors that it catches are amazing. It goes with everything. It wore well for 3 weeks before I removed them for another set. I had so many compliments on this set. I will definitely buy it again. My daughter even wants a set.

Nail Remover
Lucy Martella
It works!

I loved it ,it works fast and easy

Eternity - 3500
Miriam Bird
Love ❤️

This are great quality and last about 2 weeks or maybe more I let them. Will be shopping again. This seem to have a lot more adhesive them other brands.

Pink Sunset - 3459
Karen Harling
Fast & Easy

I applied these myself with no problem. They are much easier than I thought they would be. They look like I had them done in a salon. Thank you for this product, I will continue to use them.

Pretty lavender

Lavender is my favorite color. And this set has the contrasting color and with glitter, makes it soft and pretty on the hand.


First time trying these gel strips and I love it. They’ve endured a lot. I work at a school so needless to say a lot of hand washing and they still look great. Plus the strawberries are super cute!

Sparkly nails

My daughter wanted me to buy her this set. She likes the sparkles and she said she will be using it on New Year's Day.

Love the clear option

I used it to keep my nails protected.

Cool Cat - 7502
Lori Chaplick

Easy to apply. I was even able to use the smallest ones by adding another piece. Thicker and better quality than I expected.

Autumn Breeze - 5134
Audrey Roberts
Great features

Received order perfect thank you

Hug Me If U Can - 3471
Virginia Goodison
Party time

Such a fun set of gels. Love them.

Fairy Dust - 7904
Sarah Staton
Love these!

These gel strips are amazing and are easier to apply than other brands I’ve tried!

Nail Remover
Roxanne Lundberg
Wouldn’t stay on

Sent back but haven’t gotten a refund yet or confirmation they received the return yet

Crystal Clear - 9329
Suzanne Mickel

I have only had the nail on for two days, but so far I am really happy with them.

First time using D&T—in love!

I’ve heard about D&T for a while but never got around to trying it—I’m definitely going to be a long time customer now! The application was so smooth. I have wider nails so I typically have to stretch SCG from other brands to avoid being wasteful. D&T’s SCG strips are so soft and stretchy, the total application time is shorter than if I use other brands. So far, I’m on day 4 and no hair snags or lifting yet (there prob won’t be much lifting with D&T because they are on the stretchier side). I’m so pleased with this brand! The only thing is they have a shorter shelf life so I wouldn’t be able to purchase too much at a time.

Specifically about Starlight though, it’s such a pretty set! I’ve gotten many compliments. Me being new to the brand didn’t know which side was the cuticle side so I think I flipped a few of them, but the overall look is still great! Can’t wait to try out different designs!

Snowflake Dreams - 3486

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