4 Tips to Look Your Best on a Budget

4 Tips to Look Your Best on a Budget -


Let’s face it—looking great can be expensive. Makeup, nails, hair, and fashion all can add up to a significant chunk of your monthly budget. Still, we all know feeling confident in your looks translates to increased success in all areas of your life. When you know you look great, you excel in the workplace, relationships, and tend to be happier in general.

If you’re at a time in your life, though, when money is tight or you are working toward financial goals, do you have to sacrifice beauty routines? Absolutely not. There are many ways you can still look amazing and carry on your beauty regiment while still saving money. The best part is that thanks to new technologies and advancements in the beauty industry, no one will know that your look costs way less.

Read on to find four strategies to cut your beauty budget down without sacrificing your confidence.

  1. Skip Expensive Nail Salons and Choose At-Home Options Instead

Last time I went to a nail salon with a friend for a manicure, I was shocked at the price tag. To keep up with my nails would require frequent trips and hours sitting in the chair a month. I don’t have that kind of money or time.

Luckily, at-home nail options have really advanced over the past couple of years. Danni Toni nails are a perfect option if you’re looking for quality nails that don’t take up your entire budget. Each nail strip gives you the salon-quality strength and finish without harming your nails, so it’s actually healthier in the long-run for your nails. What’s even better is the value; you can get numerous manicures out of one pack of Danni Toni Glaze Gel Nails for less than the price of a single salon manicure. I can afford to keep my nails looking gorgeous every day of the month thanks to their affordable prices.

I love all of the vivid, stylish designs they have to fit every single personality. I always get compliments on my nails—no one knows I do them at home. The LED light helps cure the nail sticker so they last longer than the salon, too.

I feel confident having my nails done because it gives me a finished feel to my look. I love, however, that by using the Danni & Toni nail strips and LED light I don’t have to sacrifice tons of money in the process. In less than twenty minutes, I have salon-quality nails that will last for several weeks.


  1. Learn to Trim Your Hair Yourself

I know this one seems terrifying. Proceed with caution, certainly, but hear me out. You can learn to do basic hair trims at home and save hundreds of dollars a year. The trick is to keep it simple, buy professional grade shears, and to take tiny, tiny amounts off at first.

I have an angled side bang that seems to grow faster than I can keep up with. Tired of dealing with bangs in my eyes but not wanting to spend extra money each month on extra salon trips, I bought myself a pair of professional grade cutting shears. You can get these at your local beauty store or online. This is essential as regular scissors don’t give you the crisp cuts, which can lead to crooked bangs.

I also watched many Youtube tutorials on how to cut my bangs. Be sure to find a tutorial for hair similar to yours—make sure it is the same thickness, has the same amount of wave, and has the ending result you are going for.

Finally, make sure you only take tiny snips at first. You can always take more off later but can’t put it back on. Trimming my hair has saved me many trips to the salon. I still visit the salon for major cuts, color, highlights, or changes. However, for touch-ups in between, I save myself plenty of cash with a little DIY.

  1. Look for Budget-Friendly Makeup Dupes

Cosmetics companies are developing technology and formulas that are affordable for the consumer and still high-quality. Many of your favorite luxury brands have dupes that cost half of the original if not less. The key is to be open-minded and be willing to give other brands a try.

I have found expensive night mask dupes at my grocery store that are 75% less than the original. I have discovered foundations that feel exactly the same for a fraction of the cost of my prestige brand favorite. Do some experimenting and watch for makeup influencers online to do videos. Many of the famous beauty influencers post dupe videos where they will give you an honest comparison of the products.

I have switched from luxury brands to many budget-friendly options and have not noticed a difference. Also, be aware that many makeup looks are all about the brushes you use and not the products themselves. If you are going to invest your money, put your budget towards higher-grade brushes and save cash on the actual cosmetics themselves.

Finally, be sure to take advantage of online savings and also sales at your local beauty store. Join the insider clubs and save money through their loyalty programs. Every little bit of savings helps.

  1. Keep Your Hair Simple But Healthy

The more complex your hairstyle, the more upkeep is required. The more upkeep you need, the more money you will spend. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that less really is more when it comes to hair. The simpler your hair, the more classic it will be. Furthermore, you will need less products, styling tools, and less time invested in keeping it looking great.

I have also come to learn that no matter what hairstyle you have, healthy hair is what looks beautiful. Focus your budget on keeping your hair fresh and healthy. Instead of fancy coloring techniques or styling tools, I spend my hair budget on quality hair masks to keep my hair nourished. Having beautiful, magazine-worthy hair doesn’t require fancy cuts, styles, and techniques. Healthy hair is gorgeous hair no matter what the trends look like.

If you really want to save money, DIY options also exist on Pinterest for natural hair masks with quality ingredients. Do some research and you can create shiny, nourished hair for the cost of a few items from the produce section.

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