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6 Useful Nail Tips for College & University Living

6 Useful Nail Tips for Back to College -

University season is starting up soon, with students all around the US (and world) going back to college. This includes both first time students, as well as those going another year closer to their graduation and the job world.

For many women, college is the first time that they really do their nails. And after all, it is a great time to experiment and try some different things. Nails in particular are a fun way to express yourself in a college environment that is generally more casual and open. Regardless of your style, you can use colors and designs that can match your personality and give you some extra confidence.  

   1. Throw out the nail polish – when going to college, nail polish is a hassle. It comes in small glass containers, is messy in small areas, and the smell may annoy your roommates. You’ll be much happier and better off using some convenient gel nail strips that can be carried in even the flattest of places and put on anywhere.

   2. Try a few different styles college is a time to try new colors, and you can easily do so with the wide range of nail strips available. You may want to start off with some basic colors like pink, nude, and red, and expand further into some more daring glitter styles and art designs. You can also celebrate holidays or outings with special theme nails that will be sure to get the envy of your friends

   3. Go fully custom with clear nail stripswant to protect you nails and make them look shiny, but also want the ability to design them however you like? Try some customizable options like Crystal Clear or Sparkle On – if you want a little extra glitter. With these, you’ll be able to write, draw, or color anything you want on them. The possibilities are literally endless, so you never can go wrong having some clear nails in your collection.

   4. Have a nail party with your girlfriends – gel nail strips are perfect for bringing people together to do your fingers and toes, together with some food and drinks. We promise you’ll have a great time with lots of laughs. Interested in buying a bunch of nail strips for a party together? Contact us at and we can hook you up with a discount for getting a bunch of items.

   5. Stock up on a few helpful accessories along with your nail strips, you’ll also need to get a UV nail lamp to get the best quality and longest-lasting nail results. We also recommend to get a nail top coat and nail remover, which are not necessary but can come in handy. A perfect way to save on all of these items together is with our Premium Starter Kit – which includes all of these goodies, including our newest and coolest lamp – all at a discount. The great thing about brining all of these items is that you’ll be able to share with your friends and spread the joy!

   6. Try to get some guy friends involved – maybe your friends who are boys will be hesitant to try anything with their nails. But actually, men (from celebrities to regular people) are becoming more and more open to using nails – so much so that we made an article specifically about men getting their nails done. And in college is as good of time as ever to try something new out. So maybe you can have some fun with your boyfriend or other guys and have them through on a few styles to see how they look and feel.


These are just some ideas to get you thinking about taking care of your nails and having fun with them during your time at school. But in the end, there are no rules! The important thing is to enjoy your time and let your nails bring you an extra spark of fun for your years away at University. If you have any other questions, you can feel free to contact us, and we will be sure to reply.

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