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Best Gel Nail Products to Snag on Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Best Gel Nail Products to Snag on Black Friday / Cyber Monday

The main shopping season of the year is finally here, and there is no better time to stock up on your favorite semi-cured gel nails and accessories before the holidays.

In tune with the Thanksgiving season Danni & Toni is also giving thanks to all of their customers and supporters over the past year. This includes huge savings and free gifts over the weekend and going into the holiday season.


How Did Black Friday Start as a Nail Shopping Season?

Black Friday is often considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The term "Black Friday" originated in the 1960s, and it was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. However, the concept of a post-Thanksgiving shopping day dates back even further, with some tracing it back to the 19th century. This has continued to grow and include Cyber Monday with the expansions of the internet.

It’s also become a popular time to rejuvenate people’s nails for the holiday season – especially since it will be a chance for family visits and reunions during key holidays. In recent years, semi-cured gel nails have become a perfect solution for the holidays, as they are convenient, cost-effective, and great fun to do together with friends and relatives. With discounts and free gifts, this is an even more fun opportunity than ever!


What are Some Good Nail Items to Stock up on This Season?

Here are a few ideas to get some gifts for family, friends, kids – or even yourself as a treat!


For the season, Danni & Toni has introduced a wide range of nail styles – from Christmas and holiday theme to party styles, new solid shades, and many others. For those who want to get in the holiday season, Glittering Holiday is a terrific option, featuring a playful array of designs - including green, red, and gold glitter, fun snowmen art, red and white polka dots, and more.

For a new cute and delightful style,  Panda Land is a loveable set of pandas and panda-theme scenery in different surroundings. Limited to only 50 pieces, you’ll want to get this one quickly – especially since it includes a free panda ornament for each order of this fun set!

Panda Land Gift Set



Besides the aforementioned Panda Land ornament, Danni & Toni is helping to fill the wish lists of customers with free gifts for orders of different sizes.

For orders over $65, all orders will receive a cute and fluffy pendant as a gift. This is in addition to the discounts on items, and comes off the completion of free Halloween and Thanksgiving gifts sent with recent orders. Keep an eye out for more fun and exciting gifts during the holiday season and beyond!

Free Gifts 



Great nail accessories never go out of style, and are always useful throughout the year. So why not stock up on all of your favorites while they are on sale for a limited time?

UV Nail Lamps are an item you’ll definitely be happy to have extras of. With a regular nail lamp on sale for $9.99 and premium version for $17.99 (plus your 30% Black Friday discount!), you’ll be able to grab these at the lowest prices of the year.

Nail Remover is also helpful to have. Even though Danni & Toni semi-cured gel nails are able to be removed well by themselves, having a good quality nail remover is an added extra benefit in the process. On sale for only $18.99 (before Black Friday discount), this is an incredible deal to stock up on for all of 2024.

Besides these - D&T also has nail top coat, alcohol prep pads, cuticle nail oil, glass nail buffers, and more.

Premium Nail Lamp


Gift sets and kits are a great idea to get for anyone on your list. Whether it is for a teen first getting into gel nails, a nail lover friend who wants to try different styles, or a holiday nail-theme party, a nail set from Danni & Toni works perfectly as a gift. With a selection of the most popular gel nail wraps and accessories, there is something in them for everyone. Keep an eye out for a variety of Christmas theme nail sets coming soon!

Nail Gift Set

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