How to Choose a Perfect Gel Pedicure

How to Choose a Perfect Gel Pedicure -

We frequently talk about gel nail manicures and nail strips, which help to make your fingers look shiny and beautiful. But there are another set of nails that are sometimes forgotten when we talk about cosmetics: toes!

Of course your feet are less visible than your hands usually, so people may think that care and beauty for them is less important. But as summer comes and the sandals and flip flops are taken out, this time of year is a reminder just how important your toe nails are. At Danni & Toni we are delighted to introduce our brand new line of pedi nails, and tell you all about why pedicure nails are so fun and easy to use.


What is a Gel Pedicure?

A gel pedicure is exactly what it sounds like: a pedicure option using gel polish. This pedicure is similar to a gel manicure in procedure and effect, but has a few differences in the size of the nails. The same tools are needed for removing as gel pedicure as it is for removing a gel manicure. 

A gel pedicure consists of nail treatment and preparation, putting on the nail strips and trimming the edges, then using a LED lamp light to harden them. Of course doing your own nails on your toes is not as easy as your fingers, so it takes some practice. Better yet, you could engage the help of a friend or family member and do them together!


Should I Do at a Store of Home?

When it comes to gel nail pedicures, you have two main options of how to get them done. The first is to go to a shop or studio. They each have their advantages. The main benefit of doing them at a studio is that you can have a more relaxing experience and have an expert do them. However, with the ease of gel pedicure sticker strips like the ones from Danni & Toni, they are able to be done about as effectively by novices. This is much different than in the past low quality nail stickers and stick-ons were not high quality and effective.

This brings us to the main benefits of using gel toe nail stickers at home:

  • So Convenient: no need to schedule appointments and take time out of your busy schedule to go to a studio. Instead, you can do them whenever you like – even if it is 2:00 in the morning!
  • Cost Savings: A manicure at a studio can cost anywhere from $50-$100 or even more, plus additional fees for the items needed, and gas (which is expensive enough!). Compare this with the very affordable cost of a set of Danni & Toni pedicure wraps for $17.99, which includes enough strips and tools for two sessions and one month of great looking nails. This means you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year doing DIY nails at home.
  • More Social: With DIY home pedi strips, you can gather the friends and family around and apply the strips on together. Why not put on a fun TV show in the background and get some drinks and snacks together - and make it a fun monthly occasion!
  • Same Safety & Durability: Danni & Toni gel nail strips guarantee safety and quality for adults and children alike. In terms of durability, the nails will last about two weeks regardless of the sand, water, or other elements you might subject your toes to. This means you get the same benefits for more fun, convenience, and savings!



What Styles are Best to Use?

While there is not the same wide range of selection for pedicure nails and our mani line of hundreds of nails, you’ll still find a great range of the most favorite colors and styles to use. Here are some we recommend to start with:

Cyanic Embrace
Cyanic Nails
Cyan is the color of the sky, the sea, and the ocean. Its vibrant and understated hue brings light to any eyes that gaze. The Cyanic Embrace gel toenail wraps will be the gemstone your toes yarn for. Let your feet share their radiance with anyone lucky enough to see these gel nail strips.
Almadine Nails
Almandine is famous for its ability to open one's heart to the truth. These toenail gel strips and their hue is exactly what you need to explore what’s real. For the perfect gel nail pedicure, indulge yourself with these beautiful scarlet red touch nails, and enjoy the truth of the beauty it unravels. 
White Topaz
White Topaz Nails
Just like the topaz gemstone, these White Topaz toenail gel strips are one of the most adorable pedicure gel nail strips out there, bringing energy of hope, inspiration, love, and peace. This makes it a great gift for yourself or someone who you care about. This dynamic gel nail wrap hue is said to expand our our yearning for knowledge, while also boosting self-confidence and encouraging spiritual growth.
Champaign Toast
Champaign Toast Nails
A warming, creamy hue with a soft hint of orange, this Champagne Toast gel nail strips set is an ultra-flattering and comforting alternative to white. With its dazzling glitters, these nail stickers glow and shine, and bring a calming and organic feel to any nail they grace. This gel nail strips design contains small doses of yellow and magenta, allowing you to settle in for a warm, rosy feel with an elegant antique tone. 
Sapphire Elegance
Sapphire Nails
Sapphire Elegance brings to mind the effervescence of the gemstone. Whether the gem is worn for a happy event or for a fashion statement, it evokes the feelings of joy and comfort. Rock these gel toe nail strips and channel the joy to your overall mood. These nail stickers are the extra accessory your feet need for any occasion. 

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