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Gel Nails: A Magic Way to Make Your Nails Glossy without Any Chipping

3rd Generation Gel Nail - The magic way to make your nails glossy without any chip -

Danni & Toni Gel Nails is one of the most fashion nail producers globally, perfect for anyone who loves to chase fashion trends, have fun, and enjoy life.

One difference with Danni & Nails is that our semi-cured nail different from traditional ones - using a premium 3 layers design!

1) TOP LAYER: serves as outer protection for the nail, and gives the surface a shiny polished finish

2) MIDDLE LAYER: the actual design, with various colors and styles for all nail art lovers... even glitter and glow-in-the-dark gel nails.

3) BASE LAYER: a solid adhesive, well-designed to fit all shapes of nails. Plus it doesn’t harm your original nails, even when peeling it off

Danni & Toni Gel Nail makes light reactive gel from the liquid materials, and this quick-dry gel gives all of the nail designs their ultra-glossy flawless finish. The top coat also seals in all those detailed nail creations and helps protect them, so the gel nail wraps have great value, while lasting longer and leaving everyone with envy at their look at quality.

In addition to the consumer nails on this website, if you are looking for a wholesale nail strips supplier, we can also assist you with any needs.

There you go! Don’t miss out this time-saving, salon- quality gel nail stickers... try Danni & Toni premium gel nail strips today!



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