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Top 9 Spring Gel Nail Color & Style Trends You Must Have

Top 9 Spring Gel Nail Color & Style Trends You Must Have

Springtime is the chance for a new outlook on life – and style. It’s the chance to break out new fashion statements for the warmer weather. Luckily at Danni & Toni, you can get all the styles you need for spring – and every other season. Today we will explore how you can treat your fingers (and toes!) to some epic styles that make your spring even brighter.

Meanwhile, with Danni & Toni’s Buy 3, Get 1 spring styles, you can discover some tips on choosing a combination of four nails to last you through the season.

What are the Top 5 Nail Color Trends this Spring?

The popularity of nail colors can vary based on personal preferences, and clothing selections. However, from Danni & Toni historic sales and current customer poling, these colors are hot this year and are sure to do you well:

  1. Light Pink: Soft pink shades are a classic spring favorite, and this year is no different. The color brings out a sense of femininity and freshness, without being overwhelming.
  2. Greens: Spring brings to mind fresh grass and blooming flowers, so green can be a perfect match for the feel of the season
  3. Lavender: Soft purple hues are often associated with spring, symbolizing peace and renewal.
  4. Peach: Bright and lively light peach shades are perfect for adding a bold touch to your spring nails. These can range from a nude feel to a more pronounced orange and pink style.
  5. Blue: Blue shades and styles remind people of the clear spring skies, and are popular choices this year for a touch of fun.

Many spring nail styles can contain a combination of these styles, so feel free to try different ones out and mix and match for some extra fun!


Which 4 Different Nail Styles Should I Try Out?

When deciding between four nail styles, it is a perfect opportunity to choose different types of them and see which matches the feel of your personality best. Of course, everyone has a different type of look and preferences so don’t feel contained to the below selections, but they might get you thinking!

And now is the ideal time to choose four nails, since you’ll get the forth gel nail strip set free with your selection from Danni & Toni’s spring sale collection.

Now, on to our suggested styles based on the feedback from our fans and nail-obsessed team:

  • A French Tip Style – French tips and spring go as well together as flip-flops on a sunny day. There are many French tip types, from very traditional to a bit more fun. Since its spring time, we lean to the latter in this case. Two attractive selections for this are Floral Symphany and Silver Lining – both of which incorporate the popular pink color of spring, together with some extra style added in for a seasonal treat.
  • An Ombre Pattern – Also known as a gradient shade, ombre nails are when one color fades into another. This style looks terrific on nails, as it is usually a subtle match of shades that look striking, without being too overwhelming. For Danni & Toni ombre styles, we recommend to check out Rose Horizon and Tipsy. Whether you want to embrace a blue/purple style or an orange/peach feel, one of them is sure to light up a spark inside of you.
  • A Flower Selection – Flowers are a staple of spring, and having them on your nails is shows you have good taste and a fun personality. Why not grab one of the selection of flower nails that is in the spring sale collection? Two of our favorite floral patterns are Blooming and Blooming Garden. They have similar names, but the color and styling of the two patterns is different and matches unique personalities.
    • A “Wildcard” Nail Set – Why not throw in an extra fun and unique style into your 4-pack? As your last gel nail strip set, we suggest to go for something different than the standard nail styles. Two we recommend are Lucky Emerald and Butterflies. These two choices could not be more different – a glittering solid spring green and a beautiful blue and white fluttering option – but they both are perfect spring selections that bring together the popular colors and styles of spring – and are sure to warm the heart of you and those around you!

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