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Everglow - 7401

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pam Sanders-Bradford
Never got ‘em!!!!!

Paid for but never received merchandise

Lucy Dorn
Love love love

Best nail strip I have tried so far! I use a coat of Nailtek as base and then these apply so nicely! They stretch so well and I can get two manicures out of one package despite having really large nail beds (because of the great stretch!). This is a lovely rose pink shimmer color perfect any time of the year. I am giving these nails as my favorite things gifts this year at church!

Amazon Customer
Product is GREAT!

I love the nails, they are exceptional. The nails are strong and do not chip - they last a long time and look great and are easy to apply.

Long Lasting

These are my favorite gel nail strips so far. I have tried Dashing Diva and Ohora. I like these much better because they are larger and more pliable so I can easily stretch them to cover my entire nail. I usually get two weeks wear or more with each application and I get two full applications with each kit. Some of the nails are too large for my thumbs, but I usually just trim them to fit. I have been using the Ohora gel top coat for extra shine. I'm not sure if that helps with longevity.

Mads buysstuff
Ok for short term wear

I have been doing my own gel nails at home for years, after getting them done at nail salons for years, so I thought I'd give these a try! These were relatively easy to use- you have to pick what size works for each finger and then stick them on. They are super sticky, and still worked even when I touched the sticky part on accident. I cured them with my UV light longer than it said and they stuck! I had them on for 5 days before they started lifting at the cuticle (I prepped my cuticles really well so that wasn't the issue). The lifting drove me crazy because it would get stuck when I would put my hair up and I just can’t stand that. I pulled these off with a leatherman knife and there was just a little sticky residue left on my nails that I filed of for about 2 seconds per nail and then they were back to normal. So removal was super easy and I loved that. Overall these were really easy to put on and take off, but they didn’t last as long as a real gel manicure. For the price of around $14 each set, I will probably will keep a few of these sticker gel sets on hand if I need a last minute gel manicure, because it only took me 30 minutes from start to finish to put these on and do my cuticles, but I won’t use these regularly. But, again, for last minute manicure these look pretty good! In this light color you can see the color change at the side of the sticker closest to my cuticle but it wasn't super noticeable and may not even be an issue with the white or black sets but I don't know. They were smooth and fit my nails well with only minor trimming required. Overall they are good for short term and last minute but not to be relied on to last more than 5 days!