Coral Whisper Ombre Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips | Lost Horizon - 1262

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Teena F.
Love the color.

This is my first time using these. They’re so easy to put on. I had purchased some other kind from another company. But I saw this website here had more variety of colors. I left a little extra length pass my original nail. I used some nail dehydrator besides the alcohol. I cured each nail for 30 seconds. Then filed them down to the size I wanted. Then cured the whole hand for 60 seconds. Then added top coat and cured again for 60 seconds. I’ll see if these last at least two weeks. I had bought they’re remover as well. It was so easy. Nails came off easy. No damage. This is going to save me tons of time doing my nails. I was doing Gel -x- nails before.

Jamie F.
Very pretty!

I'm enjoying this set a week after applying. It's a lovely subtle ombre. I will say that it's more of a lovely salmon/peach to off white ombre on my nails, nothing like the reddish color shown on the box or website photo. The red color would have been fun, but I am enjoying this classic pinkish neutral!

Janice V.
First time

I have never worn nail wraps and was pleasantly surprised how fast you could apply them. I bought lost horizon & they are beautiful. Recommend DT to anyone interested in nail wraps.

Amazing product!

My first DT set came out beautifully with gel x nail tips underneath. The strips were easy to apply and stretch to fit my nail bed. The sizes are definitely on the larger and wider side compared to other brands, but it worked well for me. I have less unused strips with DT compared to other brands.

Michael B.
Quick and Easy

Applying these gel nail strips is quick and easy!


This set looks very pretty and easy to put on. I love it so much.