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Can You Use Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips with Nail Extensions?

Can You Use Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips with Nail Extensions?

Can You Use Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips with Nail Extensions?

We receive frequent questions regarding the use of gel nail strips together with nail extensions. In general, it is not recommended to use semi-cured gel nail stickers directly to create nail extensions. However, there is a way use extensions with nail wraps this that is attractive and safe to use.

For newbies or non-professionals, if the length of gel nail stickers is longer than the length of natural nails, it will often lead to an unattractive nail shape and make it difficult to cut off and trim the edges. In addition, many people will think that the nails won't harden after just 60 seconds of using the Gel Nail UV Lamp.

In fact, the hardness of gel nails itself can't be compared with Press-On Nails. An important point of gel nail stickers is to reduce the damage to nails caused by traditional nail art and nail glue, so its role is mainly based on the length of our natural nails to protect and decorate them. Once again, this can cause them to fall off very quickly, because the part of the nail that goes beyond the natural nail is very long, and this part does not have a good support. So without realizing it, the nail stickers can fall off.

This is not really a problem with the quality of the product itself, it's because the gel nail stickers themselves are thin and soft, and the hardness of gel nail stickers is not the same concept as that of Nail Tips!


Gel Nails

Picture1: Semi-Cured gel nail stickers

Nail Tips

Picture2: Nail Tips


How to Use Gel Nail Strips with Nail Extensions

In order to best overcome this issue, we suggest that the best way to do this is to make the length of the semi-cured gel nail sticker the same as the length of your natural nail.

Natural Nail Strips

However, if you want the semi-cured gel nail stickers to achieve the extended effect, we suggest that you can stick the nail tips on top of your natural nails first, and then use the semi-cured gel nail stickers on top of the nail pieces. This way it won't affect the appearance of the gel nail stickers, and it also saves time by doing it yourself. It also gives the flexibility to use any style you like.

 Using Nails with Extensions

You can see the effect of using semi-cured gel nail stickers after placing he nail extensions. Overall the effect looks nice, and if done correctly they won’t fall off or damage your nails in the process!

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