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Why Gel Nail Strips Make a Perfect Gift for Nail Care Newbies

Why Gel Nail Strips Make a Perfect Gift for Nail Care Newbies

Not everyone is an expert at doing their nails, or even has much interest. Many women rarely get their nails done, for special occasions such as weddings or major events. And some tweens or teens may just be exploring the idea of decorating their nails and are not sure of the best method.

The first time applying gel nail strips can be intimidating, especially as a UV nail lamp is needed for best application. That may scare some people away, and have them try nail polish or low quality nail stickers instead.

However, using these methods often ends up turning people off of nail design in general, as they experience a few unpleasant results:

  • Nail polish is messy and uneven to apply. The results often don’t end up as planned
  • Nail polish smells bad and is not appealing
  • It is very quick to see wear and tear on nails with polish and other cheap application methods
  • The number of design options is limited

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Advantages of Premium Gel Nail Strips for Starters

Alternatively, premium gel nail strips from trusted brands like Danni & Toni offer hundreds of appealing designs, from solid colors to glitter, pictures, and almost any other design one can imagine. For teens this is especially a plus, as they are often more open to trying out new and fun types of patterns. Additionally, here are a few other strengths you will find:

  • Application is not as hard as it seems. The first time can be a little tricky - but with some patience, you’ll catch on quickly!
  • The nails will last much longer than other methods without getting scratched or torn… up to 2 weeks or in some cases even more.
  • There are no chemicals that come in other methods like nail polish, and no mess either
  • You’ll get 28 strips in each Danni & Toni pack of gel nails, perfect for mixing and matching or re-using at your convenience.


This holiday season, why not give someone who is new to nails, a set of Danni & Toni gel nail strips. A gift set or kit is a perfect option, as they can get the nail wraps together with a UV application lamp, as well as other accessories like nail remover or top coat.


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