How Similar are Cat Eyes and French Cat Eye Manicures?

How Similar are Cat Eyes and French Cat Eye Manicures?


How are Cats and Women Connected?

Cats have been associated with women in various cultures and have been depicted as symbols of femininity, grace, and independence. Their similarities are reflected in companionship, empowerment and independence and cultural depictions. As TIME MAGAZINE introduced, the bond between women and felines is real. Many people consider cats to be classy animals, and so do women. 

How Similar are Cat Eyes and French Cat Eye Manicures?

Let’s go deeper. The connection between the French cat eye nail style and the cat eye gemstone effect lies in the use of magnets to create a unique and captivating design. Both techniques incorporate the cat eye concept to add an element of visual interest and depth to the nails, resulting in a stylish and glamorous look. As BYRDIE MAGAZINE introduced, cat eye nails are taking over Instagram Feed.  While leopard manicures may have long held a monopoly on nail art inspired by our favourite cats, it's time they step aside to let cat-eye nails have a major moment. 


To Wear the Trend - Pick “OCEANIC PANTHER”

It’s worth mentioning that DANNI & TONI’s one of the best-selling French cat eye nail sticker products - “Oceanic Panther”.  The Oceanic Panther is an absolute nail art piece, with its DUO CAT EYE semi cured gel nail strips in mesmerising blue and green. The end result is a French manicure with an added dimension and visual interest due to the cat eye effect. The magnetic lines or streaks create a captivating design that resembles the reflective qualities of a cat's eye, adding a unique and stylish touch to the nails. If you're looking for a new and trendy cat eye nail design to show off at your next manicure appointment, look no further than DANNI & TONI’s "Oceanic Panther"!  

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