The Best Gel Nail Types for Weddings in 2023

The Best Gel Nail Types for Weddings in 2022 -

When you think of weddings, having beautiful nails is one of the most important things to make your outfit and style shine for the importance of the occasion. But do you know that there are different appropriate colors and styles depending on whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or a friend or family member? Just like dresses, it is important to know the difference, so that you are not either too underdressed - or on the other hand – end up outshining the bride, which is also not good.

There are also some trends of colors and styles for 2023 – finally a fully post-Covid wedding season where everything is open up. Let’s catch up on the situation as we get into the heart of the wedding season.

 Bride Nails

Bridal Nails

For your wedding, you need to get nails that look and feel amazing. In addition, they must be very durable and trustworthy, so that you can be worry-free (at least about your nails!). Luckily, Danni & Toni nails will all do the job for this, so the next choice is to decide what style you want to get.

Classic French Tips

For weddings, French Tip nail styles remain the most popular choice, due to their elegance and flexibility for even the most formal of occasions. A classic French Tip can come in many colors, with white being the most popular – as well as silver and gold variations. Check out our line of popular French Tip wedding nails and scout out the styles that best match you.

Classic French Tip

Other French Tip & Pink Styles

If you want to go beyond the standard French Tip nails, there are other great options that can be even more elegant. This includes the extremely popular ‘Take Me to Church’ design that combines the beauty of normal French Tips with an added diamond feature. Or similarly add a touch of gold with the stunning ‘Louvre’ pattern that has white, clear, and golden elements.

For brides who prefer some more color or are not a fine of the French Tip style, pink remains the most popular color alternative for this wedding season. Usually the best choice is to not get something to bright, but instead choose one that is a more subtle/faded light pink variation. For these, the two most popular nail strips are ‘Aria’, as well as ‘In the Mood for Love’. You definitely can’t go wrong with these beautiful pink nail choices!

 Other French Tips

Trust Danni & Toni nails to do the job, with spectacular designs that will "wow" all the attendees of your big day (as well as the groom)!


Bridesmaid Nails

As a bridesmaid, your nails must be matching and perfect. Luckily, these semi-cured nails look beautiful and are sure to last through anything that the wedding day might bring along - and make the bride as proud as she deserves to be!

For bridesmaid nails, usually the wedding party will choose to have the same color nails among all of the girls. This will often be coordinated with the color of the dress and other elements of the party. Often – blue, pink, or light green will be popular selections for this, while other colors like yellow could also be used.

A few popular designs for Bridesmaids include Pearlescent Purple, Bluish White, and Chic Nude.

Pastel Wedding Nails

Of course, you don’t need to have standardized colors like this. As a bridesmaid you can have a lot of fun and flexibility, depending on the wedding and personality of the group. Our Bridesmaid page is packed with beautiful designs that range from subtle to fun and creative.

Whichever way you choose, a really fun activity as a bridesmaid can be applying the nails on each other. Why not make a party out of it a few days before the wedding, with some wine and other treats! They’ll last for up to two weeks without damage, so you don’t need to worry about doing them the day of.



Friends & Family Nails

Going to a wedding? Take along some beautiful nail strips on your fingers and be sure to impress. As a guest, you might want to avoid the same style of nails as the bride, but in general you have a lot of options to choose from.

Why not try out something fun and different? For your normal life, you may wear some more conservative nails, but for a wedding you can choose something more “out there” and special. In particular, we suggest that you could choose either the Rose Gold, Fairy Dust, or Violet Sparkle ones shown here.

Sparkling Nails

While you are doing your fingernails for the upcoming wedding, why not also do your toes while you are at it? Pedicure nails are great for summer weddings, especially ones on the beach or where you will be showing off your feet! For malta wedding photography pictures on the beach or at a church, these nails will show up perfectly in photos. 

Learn more about Danni & Toni pedicure nails in our recent write-up, or check out our full collection of pedicure nail wraps here.



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