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How Using a Matte Top Coat Can Take Your Gel Nail Strips to New Levels

How Using a Matte Top Coat Can Take Your Gel Nail Strips to New Levels

While gel nail strips from a top brand like Danni & Toni will look great out of the box, there are some hacks to take the look and feel of your nails to new levels. For this feature, we will explore the advantages of using a top coat as a protector for your gel nails, how to apply it, and what are the differences between a glossy coat and a matte coat style.

Finally, you’ll be able to take advantage of getting a matte top coat to try absolutely for free this week, with a purchase of $60 or more.


What is a Gel Nail Top Coat?

A gel nail strip top coat is a specialized type of nail polish, that is intended to be used together with gel nail strips. The main purpose of this kind of top coat is to seal the nail strips safely and comfortably, providing a protective layer which enhances the durability and appearance of the nails. Top coats are specifically formulated to work well with the material of the gel strips, and can be applied directly on top of the nails.

Using a gel nail strip top coat is a great way to achieve a salon-quality manicure at home, with less effort and time compared to traditional gel polish applications. There are a few different kinds of top coats – primarily glossy and matte styles of them.


Which is Better – A Glossy or Matte Style Nail Top Coat?

This really comes down to preference, and there is no correct answer to it. Some people prefer to have an extra layer of shine on their nails which a glossy nail coat variation brings, which can stand out more. On the other hand, a matte nail coat gives your nails a more natural and smooth style, which is a bit more classic. Basically, the glossy coat adds shine to the out-of-the-box semi-gloss nail strips, while the matte coat takes away shine from them, as you can see in the image here:

At Danni & Toni, we believe that nail styles need to match each and every individual user, and is one reason that we offer hundreds of different styles to choose from. Along those lines, we also offer boat gloss and matte styles of top coats, for different people and situations. In fact, many people choose to order one of each type together – which we encourage as a way to sample both styles, and perhaps use one or the other depending on the style of gel nail strips selected!


Why Use a Gel Nail Top Coat Anyway?

While not required to having great looking nails, a top coat on your gel nail wraps can provide positive benefits at a low cost:

  1. Protection and Durability: A top coat adds an extra layer of protection to nail strips, making them more resistant to chipping and scratches. This means your manicure can last longer while maintaining its original look and shine.
  2. A Smoother Finish: Applying a top coat helps to smooth out any imperfections or edges on the nail strips, helping give a cleaner and more uniform appearance.
  3. Prevents Lifting of Nail Edges: A top coat helps seal edges of the nail strips, which reduces the chances of them lifting or peeling away from your natural nail.
  4. Shortens Curing Time: When cured under a UV gel nail lamp, adding a top coat helps speed up the overall application process.
  5. Evades Moisture: A top coat also acts as a moisture barrier, protecting nail strips from water and other elements, which could cause loss of adhesion. While Danni & Toni nails have moisture protection built in, this is an extra layer of help, especially during humid months.


How Should I Apply My Matte Nail Top Coat?

You can do the nail top coat application as part of the process of your gel nails. In fact, most of the steps that are similar to what you are already doing when comfortably applying your Danni & Toni gel nails.

1) Apply the Gel Nail Strips

* Start with clean, dry hands.

* Properly apply the gel nail strips on your nails, making sure they are firmly adhered to each nail. Press down on the strips to ensure they are smooth and free of any air bubbles. Trim and file the excess nail strip at the tip of the nail. Click here to find out more details how to apply you gel nail strips.

2) Clean it Up

* Once the nail wraps are applied, again clean the surface of each nail gently with a nail cleaner or an alcohol wipe. This helps remove any oil or residue which might hinder the top coat from properly adhering.

3) Put on the Top Coat

* Carefully apply a thin, even layer of the gel top coat over the entire surface of each nail strip.

* Pay special attention to seal the edges of the nail strips, which will help prevent lifting and chipping. Try to avoid getting the nail gel on your cuticles or skin.

4) Cure the Nails and Top Coat

* Cure your gel nails under a UV nail lamp together with the top coat. You can see more details here about properly using the UV nail lamp.

5) Moisturize Your Nails

* After the top coat is fully cured and dry, it helps to apply cuticle oil or other moisturizer to your cuticles and wash your hands. This will help your nail health and appearance.


As you can see, the process to putting on a top coat is quick and easy, especially when done together as part of the normal semi-cured gel nail application process.


How Can I Get a Gel Nail Matte Top Coat?

Its important to make sure to get a quality top coat from a reputable brand and company, to ensure the safety and durability of your nails. Danni & Toni is known for its quality production and product ingredients, and you can add in the top coats together with your nail strip order. Even better, you can get a Matte Top Coat for free for a limited time when spending $60 or more on your purchase at Danni & Toni.

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