What are the Benefits of Danni & Toni’s New Premium Lamp?

What are the Benefits of Danni & Toni’s New Premium Lamp? -

When applying semi-cured gel nails, a 6W UV lamp is an important part of the process. After putting the gel nails on your fingers and stretching them to fit correctly, the last main step is to cure the nails with a light. This small chargeable lamp can be plugged in and turned on, helping you finish your nails within minutes.

If you are a past Danni & Toni customer, you already probably know about this process and have a lamp. But you may like to take a look at the full process as a refresher, and also remind yourself of some tips. Afterall, the curing process is the most important part of having your nails last as long as possible. If you do not use the curing lamp, the nails will not stay on well for a longer period of time, especially when exposed to elements like water. But if done right, your new gel nails will hold up great for as long as two weeks – or maybe even longer!

After finishing the lamp application, you may also like to use a top coat over the nail strips. This can give the nails a matte or glossy finish, depending on your preference.

 Nail Lamp Action

What's New About the New Premium Nail Lamp?

You may have noticed a new lamp option in recent weeks – the Premium 6W LED Nail Lamp option from Danni & Toni. At first glance, it looks very similar to the previous once. However, there are some upgrades that made it worth getting the new one. Here are a few key advantages:

1) Slimmer, more elegant design - you'll instantly notice the newer and more elegant feel of the new model. Its easier to transport, more attractive during use, and all-around a better design than the original. During use, it will emit a peaceful purple hew which will show you its working.

2) Easy turn on function - along with the design optimization, you now can simply press down on the top of the lamp to activate it's light in a more functional and fun way than previous use of small side buttons.

3) More durable and longer-lasting - the premium lamp is built to be longer-lasting and more durable, holding up through extensive uses and built to withstand drops and bumps. This way you will get more use of your lamp and more bang for your buck.

4) Beautiful black felt bag packaging – you'll be wowed upon receiving this beauty by its elegant and luxurious black felt bag that protects and transports the lamp. Some purchasers have commented that the bag alone makes the lamp a great value, and they don't know how they went without it before!

When you experience the new Danni & Toni premium nail lamp, you will be sure not to go back to the previous version. Compared to other brand nail lamps, it has the reliability, portability, and sleekness that is sure to add an extra bit of fun to the most important step of your nail application.


How Can I Get One?

You can grab the newest Danni & Toni nail lamp in two ways. The first is to just get the premium light by itself. Doing so will cost $24.99, and will be highly worth it for the amount of time that you will use this special device.


 Nail Lamp

If you'd like to save money and get the new lamp together with many other D&T goodies like the nail remover, top coats, and two popular gel nail sets, a Premium Starter Kit is available for your enjoyment. You can get one for $104.35 on discount, which will give you lower prices for all the top quality Danni & Toni accessories, as well as a gift box and ribbon. It's the perfect gift for yourself, or for the person who is just beginning to experience the joy of semi-cured nail strips! 


Premium Nail Kit






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