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Great product - need more sizes

I have had my first set on now for 11 days and they are holding well (except for one nail that I replaced). They cure well and fast, seem to get harder over time.
Only complaint is that I have large finger nails and there were not enough large sizes so I had to use the thumb size and cut them to fit.

Debra R.
Great Nail Gel!

I love the gel nails -In the Mood for Love!. They lasted 2 weeks and I love how easy it was to apply and take off. These will be the new way for gel lovers to apply their nails!

Mary B.

I want to start off by saying I definitely like the product but unfortunately, when I ordered, it said I would receive a free light that I never received. For first time buyer .

Hello Mary,
Thank you for your kind words! Yes, we do have this free uv lamp for our eligible fist-time customers, if they purchase 2 or more items. But you will need to manually add the lamp to your cart, and use the code 'FREEUV' at the checkout. As it's customers' responsibility to be aware of the event and we do not guarantee all first timers get one, so it's not a mandatory event. 

Hope that helps! Feel free to send us an email if you'd like further assistance!
Thank you

Better than anything I've tried!

I have oily nails and psoriatic arthritis and nothing stays on them anymore. Except these! I cannot believe I've had them on over a week! Best product ever!

That's great to hear!

Robin K.
Easy application

I love these! Easy to apply and look very good. I will definitely be buying more.

Donna B.
Haven't used long enough

Just received my order, so far I am learning by trial and error how to apply. Cannot give a fair review yet.

Hi Donna,

Thank you for leaving us a review, and here are some tips for a better application:

1. prep your nails, make sure they are clean and no oil on the nail surface;
2. use wood stick to push the cuticle line back a bit
3. seal the edges firmly by pressing from the middle to the sides, and make sure no air bubbles are left, otherwise water might get in and easy to pop off.
4. cure it for 60 seconds
5. choose a relatively smaller nail strip size

You can find more tips on our website under the HOW TO APPLY, and also via our social media

Hope that helps!

💅Easy Application ⏱️No Dry Time Needed 💎Salon-Quality Results 🚀Travel-Friendly Convenience