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Best Matching Mani and Pedi Nails for Beach Season

Best Matching Mani and Pedi Nails for Beach Season -

Its hot out there, and right now is the perfect opportunity to hit up the beach, lake, or other water location. There’s no better way to enjoy the season than to take a refreshing dip while enjoying the sun, some cool drinks, and friends. But what about your nails? Many people ask about whether finger and toe pedicures will withstand the summer sun and water. And in fact, some nail polishes will wear off in the elements, while some stick-ons may also fall off.


Worry-Free Waterproof Nails

How do Danni & Toni nails hold up in the summer elements? With its innovative and top quality gel nail technology, your nails will be sue to hold up throughout the season, whether in water or outside. D&T nails when applied correctly can last up to two weeks (or even longer!), but you may like to change them out more often than that. Remember to use Danni & Toni’s UV nail lamp to make sure the nails harden correctly. Meanwhile, you could also consider a glossy top coat to add an extra bit of shine to your fingers!


Top Combos for the Season

For the summer season, there are so many great nails to consider using. And with Danni & Toni nails being so easy to use, you can change out your nail styles every week, or even sooner if you like. For matching beach season colors, there are a few that are always classic and popular, as well as few more new and interesting patterns you can try.


1) Can’t Miss Pink Nails

Pink nails are perfect for the summer beach season. While Danni & Toni has dozens of pink offerings that you can put on, we suggest a mix of bright and fun pink colors that will truly make you sparkles.

For the hands, try Pink Sands nail manicure nails, which have a few different shades of pink. Then on your toes, you could try the stunning Miss Fairy pattern, which is bright and will make your toes “pop” in the summer sand


Pink Sands


Miss Fairy



2) White Shades

Light and white shades are always popular in the summer, but in 2022 they are even more so. You’ll see a lot of people rocking white or off-white nails, that are subtle yet look stunning in the summer sun. D&T has a large amount of these styles available for you to select from.

For this summer, two of our favorites are High Tide and White Topaz. For your manicure, High Tide is a lovely choice, with a white base that also has a little bit of a magical blue tint, that will sure to get people checking you out. For the pedicure option, we select the classic White Topaz – a beautiful white choice that will look perfect with or without your flip-flops on.


High Tide



 White Topaz


3) Ocean Blues

Blue nails are so fun for the summer beach season, and just looking at them can make you feel like you are at the beach, instead of at home or in the office. There are so many awesome blue nails in our Summer Vacation collection, that it is really hard to choose one to recommend.

However, since this is a beach post, we are going to go with the spectular Glittering Tropics, that will bring the beach to you, wherever you are. For the pedicure blue, we can’t get enough of Sapphire Elegence, an awesome blue pattern that brings out the feels of the bottom of a pool, or beautiful blue stones that you may be walking on.


Glittering Tropics


Sapphire Elegence


4) Rainbow Colors

Step out of your usual comfort zone and rock some awesome mixed color finger and toe nails. You’ll notice jealous glances and compliments rolling in while wearing this beautiful combo during beach and pool sessions. With people showing their toned abs and new styles of clothing, you'll want to look your best.

Our favorite mixed color summer pattern is Cotton Candy, which comes in a pink, yellow, blue, and purple variety that you can mix and match on your fingers. It is so fun that when you try it you’ll definitely want to again. For the feet, the Candy Rush pattern completes this sweet-themed combo and will make you look and feel terrific.  


Cotton Candy



Candy Rush


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