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Tips for Winning Danni & Toni's DIY Nail Design Event

Tips for Winning Danni & Toni's DIY Nail Design Event -

Danni & Toni has launched its new “DIY Nail Art Design Event”, bringing together creators and fans to make their own designs on clear nails, and offering terrific prizes for those who join in. Interested participants can apply to join the contest via the following site by Monday, August 1:

All eligible applicants through August 1 will receive a free set of premium Crystal Clear nail strips from Danni & Toni. They will then have the opportunity to design their nails and show them off on a 15 second video on their social media. The winners will be chosen by a combination of social engagement, as well as review from the Danni & Toni team. The most popular submissions will then receive $1000 cash (1 grand prize), $200 gift cards (2 prizes), and premium nail starter kits (3 prizes). In addition, their nail art will be shown off to D&T’s large follower social media and email base, building their reputation as creators.


Clear Nails

Tips For Becoming Eligible

There are two steps for getting selected as a winner in this DIY contest. The first is to have your application selected to receive the free clear nails, and be eligible to submit your entry by video.

Only a limited number of application submissions will be eligible to receive the free Danni & Toni premium nails. The applications will be selected based on the following criteria:

1) Social media following: based on number and quality of followers

2) Social media activeness: based on how active you are on social media. You should be posting and/or sharing things at least every few days.

3) Passion for the contest: this can be shared in your application in the 'Tell Something About Yourself' space on the form

Based on these, we suggest you submit your applications accordingly!

Tips For Winning Videos

If you are selected to create a video, it is good to make one that is at least 15 seconds long, and post it on the platform of your choice, where you think that you will get the most engagement. Remember that the prizes are determined both on engagement (likes/comments/shares) to narrow down to the top 15, as well as the review of Danni & Toni team to select the top 6.

Your video should also demonstrate the process of nail strips application and show our product highlights, such as:

1) Gel strips that are friendly for thin nails. No need to e-file, no dust, chipping, or damage. They protect your nail bed.

2) Easy to apply anywhere and any time. Instant salon-quality nails.

3) Long-lasting, up to 14 days.

Finally, using creativity and fun will go a long way in helping to be one of the lucky winners to win $1,000, or one of the other great prizes.

Good luck - and we look forward to seeing your creation!

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