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Halloween Nails for Spooky, Cute & Fun, or Party Styles

Halloween Nails for Spooky, Cute & Fun, or Party Styles

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. From kids trick-or-treating to adult parties, there is always a fun activity to celebrate this time of year.

Among Halloween-celebraters, there are a few different camps. Some people really embrace the spookiness of the season. Others want to focus more on the humor and fun of the holiday, forgoing the creepiness. Finally, some want to have a glow-in-the-dark style that is perfect for parties and outdoor activities based around the holidays.

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1) Spooky Styles:

Are you the type of person that enjoys haunted houses, ghosts, and other thrills? Scary movies and zombies don’t scare you, and this day is the chance to doll yourself up in a creepy outfit from head to toe.

Starting with the clothing, you could order a scary costume online or in a local store. Another option would be to make the outfit yourself, out of materials that you have – whether it be a ghost, monster, or other creepy character.

Either way, nails are an essential consideration to boost the spookiness of any of the above outfits. And Danni & Toni has a bunch of semi-cured gel nails to help with this.

-> MALEFICENT – One of the creepiest offerings from Danni & Toni, these grey and black gel nails offer creepy and fun designs like spiders, webs, and more. They also have a special glow-in-the-dark surprise, emitting a chilling green glow when the lights are out. Sure to be at the top of the list for any scary costume, these semi-cured nails are a must-have for those who love to be spooked!

As these popular nails are in high demand, they may be showing as sold out. If so, check back or click the notify button, as more will be coming in.

Maleficent Nails

-> MYSTERY – These gradient nails go from a clear shade near the root of the nail to a thrilling black color. While these gel nails are not only for Halloween, they are certainly a perfect option for the occasion. They can go well with nearly any spooky costume – from zombies to witches and whatever else you come up with. Even if you do not want to do a full-on costume, these gel strips will work great for any trick-or-treaters that come along, or even just to liven the spirit of the season with friends and family.

Mystery Nails

2) Cute & Fun Styles:

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, many people prefer the fun side of the holiday, with cute costumes and decorations. This is especially true in households with younger children.

Fear not – as Danni & Toni also has nails to meet these needs as well.

-> TRICK OR TREAT - this ultra-fun nail set is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. With a blend of Halloween favorite characters such as ghosts, pumpkins, spiderwebs, and more - as well as some orange and black solid nails thrown in - it is more cute than scary. So they can work well for different types of events and age groups, for anyone that enjoys fun.

Treat or Treat Nails

-> DAMIER – black is the ideal color for Halloween, and these nails are both fun and attractive. With different black and white patterns included (featuring the Black & White Checkered style on some), this is an exceptional set for Halloween – or fun during any time of year. They also are extremely versatile, working with almost any color or style of outfit.

Damier Nails

3) Party Syles:

 The last category of Halloween nail lovers would likely fall under partiers – those who take advantage of the holiday to have fun dress-up celebrations with friends and family. Many college students would be among those ready to have a monster bash this time of year.

For people partying, there are many nails that can match your costumes – some of which are shown above. However, even without a costume you can have some terrific options that will brighten


-> NEON FIRE - this design is perfect for Halloween parties, with its bright orange color and glow-in-the-dark abilities. You’ll love having these on when the lights go out. And they work with pretty much any Halloween costume, given their festive color.

Still have some left over after the holiday season? They also work great for any dance party, concert, or festive activity – so you can keep them around all year round for the times they are perfect for bringing out!

Neon Fire Nails

-> BLACK TIE AFFAIR – nothing says fun like glitter and silver, which is a favorite color to spice up Halloween. Combining the two of these makes for an amazing nail set ideal for parties.

A simple but exciting feel, these shiny silver nails spice up any outfit (spooky or otherwise). As their name implies, they also work perfectly for suiting up on special, formal occasions.

Black Tie Affair

Halloween is a time of year with different feelings and traditions for everyone. And with more than 300 available nail styles, Danni & Toni is a one-stop-shop for taking care of all things nail related for the festive time of year!

Want to get a pre-made mix or select ones that you like? Danni & Toni also has kits available for a limited time -- click here to see our Halloween Nail Kits.

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