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Top Nail Trends for This Fall or Autumn Season

Top Nail Trends for This Fall or Autumn Season

The autumn season brings many things to mind… cooling temperatures, falling leaves, spooky Halloween fun, football games, and the always popular pumpkin latte. Along with all of those, the fall is the perfect time to show off your nails!

While the summer usually brings out flashy, bright, and colorful nails for the beach and sun, fall trends usually fall into a more subdued and darker color tones. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun to wear. Try out some of these trends below, and you may just find fall to become your favorite nail season.


2023 Autumn Nail Trends


1) Amber, Brown, and Gold Tone Nails

Like the falling leaves, dark orange/amber, and brown go well with the season, whether it be your outfits, or he nails that compliment them. This year is no different, with more toned-down colors having a popularity surge among celebrities and other fashionistas.

Gold is another color that can work well with this, albeit in small doses. Instead of a super flashy gold ensemble, try using gold in a balancing way that provides a delight to the eyes.

Where can you get a nail set that combines all of these colors? Danni & Toni is on it with its new Golden Amber design. Truly one of the best fall combinations you can get, you can’t go wrong rocking these this season.


Golden Amber Nails



2) French Tips are Back (with a Twist)

French tip nails have been on fire in popularity during recent years, as a popular option for weddings – as well as everyday use. And for good reason. These nails are a beautiful way to show off your natural nails, while adding a glass coat and a pleasing triangle tip design that always turns heads. While autumn has not been a traditionally huge season for French Tip nails, this year they seem to be keeping their strength, even as the weather cools down.

When choosing colors for French Tip nails in the fall season, its nice to choose some darker colors, that add a subdued sensuality and classiness.

Dark red and black are good colors for 2023, and we suggest the Eclatant-Romance design as a good choice for this season. Since it comes with 10 black and 10 deep red French Tip nail pieces, you’ll have a lot of options on how to don these. Maybe all red and all black, or have some fun with alternating color nails or one color for each hand? Either way you can’t really go wrong with these nails, and you’ll be sure to be both on-trend and classy for any type of autumn activity or event that comes up.


Eclacant Romance Nails 


3) Nude Tone Nails

Nude nails are a great option for any season really, and should have a place in every nail collection. But nude color shades are trending across the board right now – in everything from clothes to nails. This fall will continue to keep them popular, as people enjoy the subdued skin-type tones of nails which also offer a large amount of different lighter and darker options. They also go well with any fall clothing item, and will look beautiful without standing out too much.

The surprisingly wide range of nude shades means that you can find the best ones to compliment any skin tone. As always with nude nails, you don’t need to match your skin color exactly… have some fun trying some darker or lighter ones than your natural skin tone.

While its very hard to choose the best nude tone across the wide range that Danni & Toni offers, our Blissful option is one that you certainly can’t go wrong with. It’s a perfect option to stock up on for this autumn season, as well as basically any time of year.


Blissful Nude Nails


4) Purple is an “IN” Color

Find nude and black nails to be a bit boring – or want to stand out more? Purple is a excellent color for the fall that stands out, but doesn’t scream summer like blue and yellow nails would. It's dark and mysterious tone goes well with the shorter nights and Halloween season. Meanwhile, it can be perfect for casual or formal autumn occasions.

For those that want to show off their hands a bit more this autumn season, Ursula nails from Danni & Toni are sure to be a big hit. The dark-to-light purple gradient gives a unique look, and the glitter on each nail adds to their charm. For sure, these nails are a way to show off a bit this fall.


 Ursula Purple Nails



Summing Things Up

All-in-all, fall is an excellent time to start getting into nails, or ramp up your existing nail game. By following these color and style trends (and making your own!) you'll be sure to have an autumn season brimming with fun and confidence.

Want to get a head start on Halloween nails? We’ll be sure to cover more about them, but you can check out some options in advance for one of the most fun and creative nail holidays of the year!


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